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this gose out to all you bike riders and persons who enjoy bike rideing
first the Grate 5 Boro Bike Toure is on Sunday May 1 come on and have FUN!!! everyone can ride its an all day event and if you can complet the 5 boros then you can ride with me on Friday May 27th on a Weekend Ride from New York City to Philadelphia Rideing at a Pace of 7 to 12 mph Rideing About 40 miles a day Makeing 3 Over Night Stops the 3rd Being in Philadelphia its free you only pay for your hotel room's & food & buss fair back to new york city if you realy want to go i can get us a discount deal at 2 of the hotels cause im an employe of Choice Hotels i would Ask of a $50 Cash Deposit for your Hotel Room you will get the money back on the day of the ride if you dont show up then no lost for me cause your room is paid for i need to know befor may 3rd
the route has plenty of places to stop eat rest and clean rest rooms anyone can do it all i ask is that you be 18yrs and over and have a Helmet and working Lights on the front and back of your bike i will not leet you ride if you dont have any of them i do have extra lights to lend if needed
so dont delay come and join me for this ride we will have fun and make new friends drop me a line at [email protected] if you would like to go or know of a friend who you think might want to ride so till then i will see you at the 5 boro bike toure inside battery park look for the bike with the very bright strob light see ya then

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Chris T. (not verified)
Have you heard about it? A new, exciting concept...

It's called punctuation and grammar

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Cyclist (not verified)

Hey Chris...was that really necessary..??? So he's not a grammarian...or a spelling champ...does that give you license to be so cruel..? The guy is offering an opportunity to people who might be interested in the challenge. And he's a fellow cyclist !!! I imagine that might be the last time he looks to the NYCC for some comraderie. You should be so proud of yourself.

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Philly guy (not verified)
Talk about a challenge!

1. Find him in Battery Park.
2. 2 overnights between NYC and Philly.
3. Getting the bike home on the bus.

Can't wait to read the ride reports on this one.

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PeterGriffin (not verified)
2 overnights from nyc to philly

at a 7 to 14 mph pace.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Wow, another anonymous poster is offended

Mr. Torres, I wish you luck with your ride. Sorry, but I have other plans for that weekend and cannot join your group.

Since you are so concerned about Mr. Torres, why don't you contact him and help him craft his post. I would have returned your slam in private, but your e-mail address was bogus.

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lucy's mom (not verified)

It comes across more like a joke. Or else it's a low-ball version of a Nigerian spammer.

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John Z (not verified)
Its Actually a Nice Day Trip

Take the 5:14 NJT train from Penn Station and switch in Trenton to SEPTA and you will be in Philadelphia's 30th Street Station a little after 7:30. There are various route options, but all are surprisingly nice until a couple miles from Newark.

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Mystery (not verified)

"That post sounds just like those emails you get from Africa like ""my client is rich Nigerian businessman needing your help....""

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me (not verified)

One might bet that the $50 deposit would be on your credit card....

There seem to be no other qualifications for the ride. And the grammer/spelling are beyond bad

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rjb (not verified)

'And the grammer/spelling are beyond bad'

No, really? Thanks for pointing that out. Did anyone ever consider English may not be his 1st language?

(and by the way, it's spelled 'grammar')

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Like this?

"Hey man, don't knock it until you've tried it, ok?!? ""Write better emails. Make more moneys."" sheesh"

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