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"All Class Gates Photo Op Ride
A, B, C 10mph 1 mile
Saturday February 26, 9:15am
Meet @ W. 77 St. entrance to Central Park
Leader: Ed White ([email protected])

This is not a traditional NYCC bike ride, but an opportunity for us to have photos of NYCC bikers (hopefully several in NYCC jerseys) taken while biking in front of the Gates at Central Park. Anthony Poole (NYCC Bulletin Editor), Timothy McCarthy (NYCC Webmaster), and yours truly (a guy with a camera) plan to be there.

You may not want to show up.
- It’s likely to be cold.
- You’ll be asked to shed your coats for a few minutes to expose your jerseys for the photographs.
- The photographers may be abusive (e.g. “No! Do it this way! Go back and do it again!”)
- You won’t get much exercise (although there may be ad hoc rides afterwards).
- You’ll have to show up at 9:15am on a Saturday morning when you might otherwise sleep in.

So why would anybody want to do this?
- For the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of an NYCC group of riders photographed in front of the world famous Gates installation.
- Because there’s a possibility (no guarantees) that the group photographs might appear in the NYCC Bulletin or on the web.
- Because you’re a good sport.
- You’re a masochist.

Whatever your motivation, I hope we get at least ten riders out there. I plan to start with photos on the west loop south of the W. 77th St. entrance, then go around to the south loop that passes by Bethesda Fountain and shoot another series of photos there. I’m guessing that the whole process should take no more than 30-40 minutes. We’ll meet just inside the entrance to Central Park at West 77th Street (not at the Boathouse). If you’re asked to take your coat off for the photos, of course somebody will be there to watch them. Cold temperatures likely won’t cancel, although precipitation will. Rain date same time Sunday. Check the Message Board for updates. Wear your NYCC jersey if you have one (if you have different styles of NYCC jerseys, bring the extra—we may need the variety)…and don’t forget to smile!

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Ed White (not verified)
just to clarify...

"It is not necessary to have an NYCC jersey to be in the photos this Saturday. If you have an NYCC jersey, wear it, otherwise come with what you have.

The goal is to get a group of NYCC bikers in photos like this one:


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Ed White (not verified)

Hopefully the road conditions will be OK. Fortunately there's no snow accumulation this morning, but more snow is predicted for tonight. I'll make a posting Friday afternoon for those of you without Internet at home as to whether I think Sat. morning is likely or not, but the final decision will be made early Sat. morning.

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