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Temps look to hover around freezing for most of tomorrow so the ride is almost certainly ON.

Plenty of bail points along the way for those concerned about holding up.

Also suggest picking up a balaclava as well as some chemical toe/foot/hand warmers at local sporting goods or hardware store:



B15/60 miles
From: 23rd Street & First Avenue at 09:00 AM

Hills and Chills #2

Leader: Neile Weissman, soupstone-at-mindspring.com

A bit longer and steeper than last week. Hills and odd roads through the Bronx, Upper Manhattan, Westchester and back to Manhattan. Sloppy roads cancel. Cold and dry is a go.

B-15 on the flats, but expect a fair number of hills. Will stop for a snack and and/or a possibly shopping break at Trader Joes. Bring a Metro-North pass in case you need to bail, $$$, and a backpack/pannier if you want to shop.

End Place/Time: 3-4:00 PM at 23rd Street and Park Avenue

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Neile Weissman (not verified)
The ride is ON. (nm)
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Neile Weissman (not verified)

"Went pretty well, cold in all. Four riders including myself. (""The Four Cyclists of the Epoxy-Lips?"")

Once we got done fiddling with zippers and balaclavas, the low 30's temperatures were soon forgotten.

Opted for a *relatively* flat route up to and from Hartsdale comprising liberal use of bike trails and light-traffic roads; very nice twisty downhill sections as well as an east-west passage through sleepy north Bronx neighborhoods.

Stops at Hartsdale Train station/Starbucks for coffee and Arthur Avenue in the Bronx for pizza.

59 miles. 11.8 average.

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