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Ride will be Sunday February 20
A16-18 54 miles 09:30 AM
A19 STS Prologue 1 Pearl River
Leaders: Robert Gray, [email protected], 212-593-0986; Sue Foster, [email protected]
From: Central Park Boathouse
Welcome to the 2005 A19 STS, a series of progressive weekly rides. We will do 2 prologue rides on familiar territory to start to establish our participating group and refine preferences, leaders, routes and destinations. There will be a faster and a slower group for all the rides in the series. We will go up to Pearl River for lunch at the Muddy Brook in six real turns from the GWB and return on a slightly less direct route. 2,000 vertical feet, difficulty index 76.
We ride if conditions are dry and above freezing. Always check the NYCC web site for the final determination of rides and times. If weekends are lost to bad weather, the ride schedule may be shifted to maintain the progressive program sequence.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Ride is Go (nm)
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Osh (not verified)

Ok it's not quite shorts weather, but the sun will be out and nobody ever got cold at the end of river road..
I'm tempted to head out anyway, maybe do this, Piermont, 9W. Anything else and I tend to get lost.
Drop me a line if keen.

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Rob M (not verified)

I was going to do a couple of hill climbs at the end of river road. If you are heading that way I'll tag along.

9:30 Boathouse?

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Osh (not verified)

ok, 9.30 Boathouse

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Patrick (not verified)
I'm there as well...

I am interested in attending this ride as well.

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Steve B (not verified)
May have some more

Two more of us were going to head out tomorrow anyway. We'll swing past the boathouse and see if anyone's around at 9.30.


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