Joseph Magnani

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The author of the article spoke to the NYCC; old bike photos

Peter Nye, author of the article referred to above, was the guest speaker at a NYCC meeting in 1991.

The article refers to cycling photos on the walls of the Vigorelli Restaurant(s) in Washington. I learned from this article there was a second restaurant...but if that is so, there is now only one: the one in the Cleveland Park section of D.C., near the National Zoo, went out of business a couple years ago.

While a lot less significant, how many of you have seen the cycling photos from the 1950s, and maybe older, in the very back of the Lightouse Restaurant in Nyack?

Question: Is there anything having to do with bicycles in the interior design motif of the Cycle Club restaurant, near the intersection of 9W and Hudson Terrace? I've not been in it.

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Lynn Baruh (not verified)
Edward Nye- a bicyclette

Speaking of Nye...I just checked a book I have, U>A Bicylette. It's a French anthology of writing on bicycles from the likes of Neruda, Beckett, etc. and the editor is Edward Nye. Wonder if he's a relation of Peter Nye, the author of the article on Joseph Magnani?

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
No, E. Nye is no relation to P. Nye. Goodnight. (nm) -Richard
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E.A. Shrdlu (not verified)
Defaut francais

Je te prie pardon, chere amie Lynn, mais le mot en francais est bicyglette. Tu as perdu le g. JWT est un agence publicitaire international. Tu dois apprendre ce qui est correct.

>>Les francaises son't impossibles, mais ils peuvent epauler dans leur langue native.<<

--Les pensees anciennes de Istvan Yogrush

Ton Copain,

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Chris T. (not verified)
Very Fascinating indeed.

Should be in History of American Bicycle Racing 101

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Chris, you don't know how right you are


As it happens, Peter's book, ""Hearts of Lions,"" is subtitled something like ""The History of American Bicycle Racing.""

I'm 500 miles west of NYC so can't look up right now whether he wrote of Magnani in it, but I assume he did as he has been able to re-cycle and spin off parts of that book into stand alone articles.

I referred earlier in this thread to Peter's having spoken at a club meeting. When he did, we were able to sell this book at 40% off and, of course, Peter autographed copies."

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
"""Hearts of Lions"""

"No, Magnani is not mentioned in Nye's ""Hearts of Lions."" Goodnight -- I mean, good day. -Mordecai

p.s. If you've enjoyed the Magnani article, you should read John Wilcockson's weekly columns about the history of American bicycle racing.
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