"Morning Edition" Alpe d'Bronx ride 2/16 from 9:00-noon

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"Starting this Wednesday morning I will be doing three hour rides on Wednesday mornings 9-noon. Rain dates are Thursdays.

This week and 2/23 will be Alpe d'Bronx rides (as listed below) -- of particular interest who want to see Bronx Hills up close -- as well as a number of other inclines not listed on ""regional hill grades"".

Other days will be ""shopping"" rides taking a train to Long Island or Westchester, then coming back into Manhattan with loaded panniers.


25 miles
09:00 AM

Morning Edition (Alpe d'Bronx)

From: 23rd Street & First Avenue

A compact and challenging hill climb regimen that takes advantage of Washington Heights and North Bronx topography.

Mountain bike/hybrid with tough tires recommended for the the gearing range, the added workout and 'cause we wont stop for flats. Also suggest inspecting your spokes for proper tension as this type of
riding will stress them.

Sloppy roads cancels. Dry and cold is a go. Bring finger food and liquids. No breaks except for one neat surprise (hint - bring binoculars.) Maybe a rest stop before getting on the train back to lower Manhattan. Ride ends at noon as I need to be in at work by 1:00 PM.

End Place: 12:00 PM at the 242nd & Broadway #1/9 subway or at the Nereid & White Plains #2 stop.

RSVP (particularly if you're uptown and want to meet north of the start point.)"

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Cannot include in March bulletin

If you want this listing in the April and subsequent bulletins, please enter it on the club's database so I will pick it up next month. Sorry you didn't make the March issue, but the deadline has passed.

I presume you are planning on continuing this through the season.


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Neile Weissman (not verified)
2/16 Morning Edition (Alpe d'Bronx) is ON.

"Looks like temps in the mid-40's and we should be done before afternoon showers.

[Russian proverb; ""May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead.""]"

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