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The A-19 Spring Training Series begins Feb. 19.

The A-Classic STS begins Feb. 26.

So many fabulous choices, so little time!

And now there's even one more option: a moderately paced (A-18ish) version of the A-Classic. So even non-Supermen/women can enjoy these deliriously long, hard, but rewarding routes--IMHO the best the club has to offer. Part farm team for the front line, part lesson in humility.

I've signed on to co-lead the first month of this series, contingent on people showing up. Since I'm not fast, I aim for endurance, starting out slow and finishing strong. Usually that means following in the wake of the fast group from a distance of two miles or more. But believe it or not, even on centuries I can still make the lunch stop within 15 minutes or so of the pack. It's all relative.

If you're curious about these amazing rides, are in reasonably good shape and spirits, and don't ride in the middle of the lane, please do join me. You can always go at your own pace if mine doesn't suit you.

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Pamela (not verified)

Sounds perfect! Looking forward to joining you.

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Nathan Smith (not verified)

Ah hell forgot to stay in shape over the winter. See you guys mid march or so.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
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