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Since it's probably not wise to attempt to navigate Central Park on a bicycle this weekend, I've changed the starting location for the B-15/16 Westwood Diner ride to Riverside & 72nd St. (the Statue of Eleanor Roosevelt). If you're the type who has to use the restroom before the ride starts, please arrive a little earlier than normal since the restrooms are a little farther away.

It's still questionable what road conditions will be like on Saturday (depending on how much snow accumulation we get on Thursday) so check the message board Saturday morning after 7:00 a.m. for final decision on ride.

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Carol (not verified)
Good to Go

What Snow! Roads should be good but it will be cold and windy. Dress appropriately. If it's snowing at 8:00, check this board for final decision.

Remember we're meeting at 72nd & Riverside at 9:30.

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Carol (not verified)
We Go (nm)
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