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I have recently purchased a cycleops fluid 2 indoor trainer. It comes with its own rear skewer which, so the instructions say, you have to use. I have two questions.

1) Do you really have to use the supplied skewer.
2) If yes, should I swap over the skewers each time I switch between an outdoor and an indoor ride (which seems like a pain in the posterior).....or can I just leave the Cyclops 2 skewer permanently installed.

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JP (not verified)

The trainer will wear your rear tire down, squaring it off. Rather than change tires, I have an indoor wheel. The tire on the indoor wheel looks like a flat top hair cut with the wear and I would not want to use it on the road.

You should do such and the skewer is not a problem.

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lisa (not verified)

You only have to change the skewer if the one on your bike doesn't fit the trainer. The trainer will make scratches and may do other damage to the outdoor skewer if it doesn't fit properly. I didn't always switch between the two skewers. On short rides I just leave the indoor one in place. When I go on longer rides I switch to the outdoor one, I feel safer with the better one in place.

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Harvey Minsky (not verified)


I originally used my outdoor skewer on my trainer. I was forced to change it, because the trainer just wears it down. The indoor skewer is much stronger.


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