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Hello All,
As you prepare your ride calendar for the year, there's a ride I want you to consider. It's not in another country (though it may seem like it at times) it's very challenging, fully supported and inexpensive compared to those European rides. You have the option of various sleeping arrangements and meal plans.
I did this ride last year alone, but met a great group of cyclist (1700) from all over the country who welcomed me with wide arms (you know how we cyclist are with each other).
While riding this event last year I put my foot in my mouth by vowing to come back with 100 of my New York buddies, so now I'm looking for those buddies.
The ride this year as been extended to 7 days with a rest day in the middle. It is the Bicycle Tour Colorado you can check out the ride details on their site at
However don't sign up yet, I am working with the ride organizers in Colorado for a discount if we come together as a group/team depending how many of you are down for this.
This will be a great motivator for all of you doing the SIG, this is an event for all level riders, you ride it at your own pace (there are lots of pace lines to jump on if you care to), but then you miss all the beauty around you. You can put your 12 weeks of training to use on this ride. The ride is from June 26 - July 2nd.
So, if there's enough of us going, I will look into hotel stay before the ride, the last night after the ride, New York team jerseys and trailer rental for shipping of bikes.
I am a man of my word so I need 100 of you. If interested, please reply to this thread with your email address so I can start the count. I am sure you will see this posted again.
Make it a great day.

Be well,


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Karin Meessen (not verified)
Bicycle Tour Colorado

I'd be interested. Thanks.

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April (not verified)
Ride the rockies?

"I'm wondering how does it compare with ""Ride the Rockies"", another tour that are similarly priced, with similar format and even some of the routes overlap with this one. Have you done ""Ride the Rockie""? Or any of the cyclist you met on last years tour done that and have anything to say?"

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rick jakobson (not verified)
bicycle tour colorado

i am interested. thanks for taking the initiative.

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Gary Holtzman (not verified)
Tour Colorado

Thanks for taking the lead, I am interested.

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SP (not verified)
Are there any cute girls in this trip ??? (nm)
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rjb (not verified)

not any more

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John Grandits (not verified)

hey, keep me posted, sounds cool, [email protected]

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Mari (not verified)

I'm in!

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JP (not verified)
Looks great - but a word of warning, haha!

Interesting ride.

But, be aware. There is lots of climbing and the stats may be misleading.

I looked at the day 1 profile and it says elevation gain is 1820 feet. Sounds fine for a 65 mile ride - kinda flat in fact. But the 1820 fails to mention the 4500 foot climb in the middle - looks like about a 6% average grade. A little more than the 1820; and the total ascent looks to be about 6,000 feet. No great deal, just a bit more than a cursory look would reveal.

It is the Rockies after all :-)

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