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I recently saw a easy-to-use bike stand, and now I'm trying to track it down. As I remember it, it is a single piece that you place on the floor, with sort of a hook at the top, where the bike rests on top (either on the chainstay or the down tube). It lifts up the back of your bike so that not only does it act as a stand to keep the bike from leaning on a wall, but also to allow balance so you can lube without the bike falling over. It's short, light (I think), and discreet, and is supposed to be under $20.

I can't find the name of this nifty piece anywhere, and I haven't been able to find it online or in any of the typical catalogs (performance, nashbar, supergo).

Anyone have a clue what this is called and where I can find one or two of 'em? Thanks!

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Fixer (not verified)

"Those were made by Minoura, and sold under the Minoura and CyclePro brands, among others. Very compact, and all you'll ever need for light repairs, cleaning, tune-ups, etc.

I haven't seen one in a shop or catalog in several years, but there's at least two on eBay now.

Happy Bidding!"

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Michael Casey (not verified)
on sale for $10 at nashbar
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Fixer (not verified)

That one is different. It holds the bike by the left side chainstays and seatstays. It'll do, but it's a bit tippy.

The Minoura is more stable, as one end hooks over the down tube, and two legs splay out from under the bottom bracket.

That said, I just remembered that the Minoura type stand won't work with oversized down tubes (alum, CF). You might be able to rig something up with an old toe strap (remember them?), or something. My guess is that's why they've been off the market a while.

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Michael Casey (not verified)
I agree, the nashbar model is a bit tippy

It's also not very helpful if you want to pull the front wheel.

In a perfect world, I'd go with something that holds the bike higher, lets you work with either wheel removed and doesn't interfere with the drive train.

I'd keep it in the fully equipped workshop out back behind my brownstone so the guy who washes my bike could use it...every time I rode one of my dozen custom-made 15-pound full Dura-Ace/Record machines on roads with no traffic and lights that turn green every time I look at them. Which would be often because I wouldn't have to work.

For now I'll settle for a somewhat stable $10 geegaw that disappears into a corner when I'm not using it to wash my 105-equipped Cannondale on the sidewalk with a spray bottle.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)
Minoura DS-20

"It's the ""Minoura DS-20"" display stand.

Google the quoted portion and you'll find a few places to buy it online. It's also in the QBP catalog, so you can have your local bike shop order it if you like.

Ah, why make you go to all the trouble:

- Christian"

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
bike stand

"I have had one for the better part of 23 years,or more. I have used it lot to do all my repairs. caution. this is only intended as a ""display"" stand. like one would use in a shop, or showroom to exibit a bike. It can become tippy if the bike is worked upon. I have installed a custom made option that hooks both chain stays just behind the BB , down through and under the stand and a wing nut to secure the threaded rod contraption that makes the stand one with the bike.Will never slip off .But the bike and stand can tip over toghether if pushed or shoved. secure the front part of your bike to your table vice.this is a cheap alternative to a real work stand, that project is next ......Ciao Tony"

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XXX (not verified)
Performance Quickstand

current Performance online catalog has the Quickstand, which appears to have four equal length feet, unike the Nashbar version.

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Carol (not verified)
I have it...You want it?

Karen, I have an older version of the Performance Quikstand - can't remember how many years I've had it, but at least 6 or 7. I never use it anymore (don't need to). You can have mine if you haven't already bought something else.

Carol Waaser

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Karen Nicolini (not verified)
Yay! You found it!

You all are awesome! I am so psyched that you found EXACTLY what I was looking for! The Minura DS-20 is the exact stand I wanted. And, Christian, thanks to your link, I'm going to go ahead and order it. To Triple X Fixer, thanks for the heads up about the oversized downtube. That's what one of my bikes has, so I'll be taking Carol up on her offer too. Thanks everyone!

BTW, Michael, sorry I can't help you with that perfect world bike, brownstone and butler. Maybe we should get together a bunch of NYCCers to play Mega Millions until we win big. Hmmm...not a bad idea if I must say so myself!

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Carol (not verified)

A group from my office pooled to buy about 50 MegaMillions tickets one week and actually won the 2nd prize of $175,000. After taxes they each ended up with a little over $2,000. Ya never know!

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Heath (not verified)
Any idea who makes this stand?

Any idea who makes this stand. Seems like a similiar idea.

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