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Anyone go to NJ today? 9W, River Rd, 501
Road conditions wet? Salty?

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Carol Wood (not verified)

I rode to Nyack via Western Highway/Bradley and back up 9W all the way. Road conditions were clear, still a lot of snow on the side of the roads.

On a sunlit 9W at 3pm, the spring thaw was beginning on the hilly spots, and you can get sprayed by passing cars.

I guess there was salt in places but since I have an aluminum frame I don't give it much thought. Glad I have a fender too.

Going to be another lovely day tomorrow!

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Rt 501 / 340 .. potholes and crevices


For the future: more important than clear snow, how the road surface is affected:

Last year 501 was a little bumpy. NOW ... forget, there are so many potholes heading north. Besides potholes, watchout for the crevices - worse than potholes. If you intend to take a group out there pacelining, BE CAREFUL - slow it down.

9W is much better choice for a paceline - but the return (south bound) has a few problems especially just before Hillside. The problem is two large patches of dug up roadway.

I'd choose 9W over 501. The surface problem is mostly closer to Piermont, like near Rockleigh and north.


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Doug Kalb (not verified)

Piermont Road, Old Tappan & most of the back roads were amazingly clear; just a few wet patches. There's also some more snow off on the side. Overall, it was great.

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