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Hi, Is anybody familiar with the trail conditions at Minnewaska St Park? I've hiked there a bunch during the summer, but looking to go up there tomorrow and want to know if they groom/plow the carriage trails. Would snowshoes/crampons be necessary or just a sturdy pair of boots? Thanks and have a great weekend! john

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A.T. (not verified)
x-c skiing

For those who live their life outside the world of cross-country skiing, I wish to inform you all that Minnawaska is a well-known x-c skiing center of lower New York.

So, the short answer to your question is, no, the park service do NOT plow the carriage way. Instead, they groom it for x-c skiing, with tracks set for classic skiing and walking on the trail is frown upon.

Snowshoeing, I believe, is encouraged. Personally, I would not choose to snowshoe the carriage way. Skier, many of them beginers, screaming down the hill at speed, sometimes almost out of control, doesn't make for a peaceful nor relaxing experience. The hiking trails in the woods would be your best bet.

I think hiking boots are entirely inappropriate right now. I was there last weekend. There were plenty of snow coverage and I think this weekend as well.

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al stern (not verified)
Hiking in Minnewaska

Where can I get information about hiking in Minnewaska? Is it possible to do a day trip up there if one were to leave the city early? Degree of difficulty of the hike I guess, would also be an issue. Are there day hikes one could do which would be challenging, leave enough time for relaxation afterwards say in New Paltz and yet enough time to get back to the city within a reasonable hour?


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ed (not verified)

Why go all the way to Minnewaska to hike when Harriman has great local trails?

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A.T. (not verified)
If you have to ask

"""Why go all the way to Minnewaska to hike when Harriman has great local trails?""

Have you ever been there?

As a regular of Minnawaska summer and winter, I found the scenery there WAY, WAY better than Bear Mountain. Well worth the drive. Plus, you get to hang out in chic New Paltz afterward...

But then, that may not be your thing. Or, for that matter, maybe even scenary isn't your things either. Some people hike for the exercise. Cnetral Park do just fine for that purpose. No need to even get into a car.


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RB (not verified)

"Showshoeing is not allowed in the main park.

It is only allowed in a tiny section called ""Peter's Kill"" about one mile from the main entrance where there are no carriage trails. That being said, the whole park is huge, so you could probably get away with it, just don't let rangers see you or you're gonna get fined.


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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Peter's Kill

Also, you can park for free at Peter's Kill, the snowshoeing is great (at least it was last year) and Minnewaska will cost you, I believe, $7 now to park.

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