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"Anybody have info on good single day bike sight-seeing adventures or 3-5 day bike tours. I could do mountain, but I'd prefer road biking. I will be flying to the Big Island next month and want to get in some good bike rides on it or Maui or O'ahu islands. I am a strong ""A"" rider and my main focus would be on long, challenging scenic rides that I can do as ride and return. I also thought I might try hooking up with a bike outfitter that may make longer supported 3-5 day trips? Thanks for all the help!"

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Jeff Robins (not verified)

I've never done it myself, but I hear that Go Cycling Maui is very good (My father, who is a long distance triathlete, has done it). There website is http://www.gocyclingmaui.com/index.html


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

The classic rides on the Big Island are Hilo to Mauna Kea (13796 ft) and Chain of Craters Road. Both are one day rides.

The classic ride on Maui would be climbing Haleakala.

You should read r.b.r, where this seems to be a recurring topic.

- Christian

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Joao (not verified)

"> The classic rides on the Big Island are Hilo to
> Mauna Kea (13796 ft) and Chain of Craters Road.

Hey Chris. Are you trying to kill your fellow NYCC'ers? ;-)

Just because someone is an ""A"" rider doesn't mean they'll be ready for either one of those.

Chain of craters is a loooong twisty downhill all the way from the town of Volcano to the ocean. Its a 4,000"" drop, on a very twisty road, very steep, very narrow, and full of tourists driving like idiots. Then once you get to the bottom, go see the lava flows, then turn around and start climbing the same road 4,000"" up. The main catch is that you will have to bring all your food and fluids with you, since there won't be any place to buy them along the way.

Mauna Kea is a 40+ miles of constant uphill, from ocean level to nearly 14,000. At this time of the year the part above 8,000"" is sure to be ice. It may be nice and warm at the start line, and be well below freezing with 40+ MPH winds at the top. For the first part the road is easy enough, about 5% grade or so, then you start hitting long sections of 10% and more, with at least one section at 17%, and another mile long 15% on lose gravel. Keep in mind that all of these tougher sections are very high up, and the oxygen gets thinner the further you go. As you get more tired, the road gets tougher, and less and less oxygen gets into your blood. And like the chain of craters, you'll have to carry all your supplies with you, including winter clothes. Even car rental companies on the big island make you sign an agreement saying you will not try to drive up to Mauna Kea, since too many people lose conscience on the way up there due to the lack of oxygen. The advantage of Mouna Kea over Chain of Craters is that, on Mauna Kea if you give up, just turn around and ride back to Hilo."

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mc (not verified)
Cycle Kona!

"Did a tour with these guys called ""NORTH KOHALA ADVENTURE"" which covered a good portion of the Ironman route on Kona, It was beutiful & great ride!! They provide the bikes, helmets, food & drinks... bring your own pedals. The have new Specialized Allex Sports which are a pretty decent ride.


Kona Coast Cycling Tours, LLC
PO Box 2213
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745
Contact Josh Brewer or Alexia A. Chianis Owners/Operators at:
808-345-3455 or 1-877-592-BIKE (2453)
email: [email protected]"

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Wait till the wet season is over

You might want to wait until April, or preferably May, as you will still be in the rainy season in March. Hawaii has had torrential rain and over a foot of snow above 10,000ft on the Big Island this week and there is not much letup in sight.

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onyourleft (not verified)
Rain is better than snow and ice

"I hope the weather clears, but I have to go in early March because my flight is FREE! I took advantage of last year's American Airlines ""fly 2 then fly free"" promotion which means I must fly before March 19th. Besides, rain is better than snow and ice. Thanks for the heads up though."

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