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"1/30 Trader Joe's report

Got a cautionary last minute Westchester road report from Temperature Regulators' leader Jesse Brown. So, as no one showed up at the start, I changed the destination to the Trader Joes in Hewlett, Long Island.

Flat route. Stayed on main roads most of the way. While not the greatest choice with regards to scenery or traffic, it was easily rideable. Had the fat-tired, fendered, disc-braked, rack & pannier-ed, drop barred, suspended touring bike in expedition-mode, so it was all good.

Locked up the beast outside TJ. The check-out guy remembered me from last time and asked the whereabouts of my ""crew"". Told him they were sleeping in, but they all sent regards. He said there would be a TJ coming to Manhattan soon, maybe Union Square.

Tried to hook up with the 5BBC Sheepshead Bay ride for lunch and the ride back but couldn't navigate it in time.

Dropped the goods off at work (Tekserve on West 23rd Street), then rode home.

Hosed the detritus off the bike in the shower. Will lube it later today.

All in all, nothing like hauling around 60 lbs of bike/groceries to make a C13/50 interesting."

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lucy (not verified)

Kool! My mommy cant wate for Tradr Joes.

Soree for the misteaks. Its hard to type with pawz.

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SP (not verified)
Hi _PUSSY ! Would you like tyo play with my tiny MONKEY? (nm)
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lucy's mom (not verified)

Excuse me?

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Cat (not verified)

man, cyclists get weird in the winter.

turn the grow-lights up, dudes!

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Yogi (not Berra) (not verified)
Imitation as a form of flattery.

But who we are come through loud and clear no matter what name you use.

How awful it must feel to be afflicted with the conditions of fat head AND small monkey.

Turn up the grow lights indeed, someone’s in need of natural healing.

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