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I'm wondering if any of you have tips on how to plan the route - resources, past experience yourself, maybe websites of people who have done it before? Particular maps that are the best for the states? Thanks!

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Heath (not verified)
Braking the Cycle

I rode from DC to NYC at the end of last summer. It was a three day fully supporteed charity ride. I can look around, but I am not sure that I have the route sheets. I will see if I can get them from the ride.

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Neile Weissman (not verified)
Try the Advenure Cycling website

Route Maps

Adventure Cycling Maps feature:
Service symbols indicating the locations of campgrounds, hostels, motels, gas stations, groceries, restaurants, post offices and bike shops.
Narratives with turn-by-turn instructions for traveling in either direction.
Contour lines providing a general idea of elevation gains and losses.
Elevation profiles in all regions with major ascents and descents indicated.
Local history, geology and other interesting information about points along the route.
A weather chart providing average monthly rainfall and mean temperatures at points along the route.
Large-scale detail maps of urban or congested areas.
Summaries of riding conditions providing info on road surfaces, traffic volumes, and areas of caution.
Up-to-date addenda are sent with each order when necessary and are also available through our website

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lorrer (not verified)

Heath: Thanks for looking :)!

Neile: Thanks for the excellent links - I might get the East Coast set and go up to Boston later in the summer. Fantastic.

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