Could use a co-leader for Sunday B-15/50 to Larchmont

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  • Could use a co-leader for Sunday B-15/50 to Larchmont
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Barring last minute work-related emergency, the 1/30 ride to Trader Joes/Larchmont is ON. My co-workers have fronted me bokoo bucks and they expect to see bags of crunchy soy butter and honey roasted wasabi peanuts Monday morning -- not excuses. So, I am in expedition mode. Failure is not an option.

Will keep to a B-15 pace up a tough, hilly route through the Bronx and Westchester, but I am taking my 31+lb touring soft-tail. At Larchmont, I plan to load it with another 25 lbs., so I think I can manage a C-12 pace on the final leg.

That being the case, I could use a co-leader to take those who want to get from Larchmont to Manhattan at a faster pace.

Suggest strong riders bring hybrids and empty backpacks. Forecast is a balmy 36 degrees.

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Neile Weissman (not verified)

The ride is still on. Mountain bikes/hybrids/cyclocross (fatter tired bikes) recommended.

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al stern (not verified)
trader joe's in larchmont

Is the cue sheet for the ride to trader joes in the ride library? I recently visied one in NJ by auto and it's awesome. I'm thinking of going to the store in Scarsdale (also by auto) but I would love to go by bicycle to Larchmont. I believew its of similar distance as Scarsdale.


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Neile Weissman (not verified)

The shortest, flattest route would begin in the northeast Bronx from the last stop on the #6 train - Pelham Bay Station.

Follow the bike path to Pelham Shore Road
Left onto Echo Road
Right onto Boston Post Road/ Route 1
Take BPR to the Trader Joes at 1260 Boston Post Road


The route I do for the group ride loops through hilly sections in Manhattan and the northwest Bronx, tracks the Hudson River, heads east into Hartsdale and then approaches Larchmont from the north or northwest.

The point is to make a nice ride out of it -- but keep the loaded section as short as possible.

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