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10. Climate control

9. Don’t have to wash the bike afterwards

8. No breathing automobile fumes

7. Bathrooms are cleaner (maybe)

6. Can catch up on your magazine reading

5. Can watch four-star films on Turner Classic Movies, instead of Fox News in the gym

4. Food stops are cheaper and more plentiful

3. Can get rainbow trout fillets straight out of the fridge, instead of hauling around ice fishing gear

2. Don’t have to wear a helmet

1. Don’t have to wear clothes

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Heath (not verified)
Riding behind Lance

I just like being able to follow Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani up Le Mont Ventoux in the 2000 tour. And not getting dropped.

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Doug (not verified)
Ok I'm convinced...

...and I'm also recovering from assorted I'm not ready to brave the cold like I used to. I need to get on the bike ASAP! Even if it's on a trainer. Please recommend a good trainer, quiet smooth, 'cause I live on the second floor.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
A Minoura something-or-other


I got the cheapest thing I could find -- since it was out of the Colorado Cyclist catalogue, I knew it would be decent. In my experience, they don't sell junk. I paid about $85 on sale plus $14 shipping a year and a half ago. It has no fancy features, just holds the bike in place.

It doesn't seem to me to make loud noise or vibrations, but then again my downstairs neighbors live in Florida. I have heard that plastic mats can help damp the sound. If you want the model number, I can look when I get home.

BTW, the trainer set-up in general doesn't seem stable enough for a super strenuous workout. But for those early season base miles, spin away!

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Doug (not verified)

this is a good start to my shopping around. I don't want to get too extravagant since I know that once I get warmed up I will be out and about pretty strenous workout will be reserved for the park...

BTW. That #1 reason makes a pretty interesting picture

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Yogi (not verified)
a used one

Put up a post to buy, there are plenty of people who would unload theirs.

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