Knee Doctors?

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"Does anyone have a good ""knee guy""?"

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
David Weiss at NYU

I highly recommend David Weiss. He did 'torn meniscus' surgeries on both my knees. His main client is the NYC Ballet.

His contact info is:

Dr. David Weiss
530 1st Avenue, #5D
NYC, 10016

Mark--good luck with this.

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Carol (not verified)

I second David Weiss and also Phil Bauman (the current orthopedist of choice for Broadway dancers) - his office is at 345 W. 58th St. and he practices at St. Lukes Roosevelt.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Joe Fetto at NYU

Does only knees. He's great.

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
A top knee guy

I highly recommend Elliot Hershman at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is the NY Jets doctor, but, he has a very warm bedside manner - not at all the jock-type personality. He's also not the type to push surgery as an easy option the way some sports med guys do.

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Mark (not verified)

Thanks all. Saw Howard Levy who is in pratice with Elliot Hershman at Lenox Hill Hospital (the Jets guy). Sort of underwelmed by him. Didn't look at the knee, just the xray. Sent for two months PT. Will see, I guess.

thanks again,


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