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"I'm building up a single speed/fixed gear commuter and I need cranks. Ideally, I'm looking for (but I'm willing to compromise):

- double or single chainring cranks
- accepts square tapered bottom bracket
- 172.5 or shorter (the shorter, the better)
- 130mm or 110mmBCD or other ""standard"" size
- 5 arms
- cosmetic damage ok
- cheap - less than +-$30


[email protected]


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Heath (not verified)
Craigslist posts

I read the bicycle ads on craigslist every day. Has anyone else noticed that several of them have poped up on this message board recently.

I have no problem with NYCC members posting items for sale. Something tells me the craigslist posts might not be members :)

I have been wrong before, and I might be again!

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
how about functional?

"I've got a set of Ultegra cranks that meets all of your requirements. Not only real cheap, but super light weight, too. One caveat though. Cosmetic damage includes missing 1/2 a crank arm. Who needs a whole when simply one crank arm will do, preferably a left one. Afterall, it hasn't slowed one of NYC's finest messengers Dexter Benjamin

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Evan Marks (not verified)
stronglight ironlight

"172.5mm length, 130mm bcd, 5 arms, square taper, very good condition, crankarms only - no chainrings or bolts. The crankset on the right in this photo:

Email me if interested (take the ""at"" and ""dot"" garbage out of the email address of course.)"

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hannah (not verified)
the message board is full of cranks


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Yogi (not verified)
full of cranks

I resemble that remark.

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Craig's list posting

Yes, I have posted my Look for sale on Craig's list as well as here and I am an NYCC member.


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