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Is anyone up for XC skiing Sunday if there is enough snow in Central or Van Cortlandt Park? Pls e-mail [email protected] ASAP.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
dawn patrol in central park (edited)

Whiteout conditions? 30-50mph wind gusts? Fuggedaboudit.

Good luck.

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Ken (not verified)
What whiteout?

Slept late. Waxed my skis with Swix F4 and not a flake stuck. Mozeyed over to central park at around noon. Bright sunshiney day. The place was teeming with younguns and olduns. Someone from Florida took my picture. Looped almost around the entire park crossing at the 103rd st Ravine. Stopped at the Kerbs Boathouse Cafe for some overpriced Italian Wedding Soup. Were even some bicyclists doing the loop. No gale force winds. No whiteout. Wound up at Columbus circle where I started around 4 and caught the M11 home.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
I believed the forecast

"All I can say is ""Duh."""

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Basil (not verified)
Great snow

Yes, I ended up going out between 11.30 and 12.30 PM(believe I recognized a club ex-treasurer and his wife on x-country skis also in the distance at one point!)
Snow couldn't have been better (for this part of the country). It was windy on Great Lawn but otherwise weather was great too. Definitely a missed opportuntiy for anyone who didn't venture out.
Unfortunately, Cedar Hill was so mobbed with kids/sleds there was no chance of (safely) skiing down that hill but there was plenty of virgin snow (or ready-made tracks as is your preference) to be had.

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