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"At the top of Churchill, rumor has it the beautiful estate at the end of the road once belonged to the Swanson (food) family. I think someone like Richard R. confirmed to me that such was indeed a rumor and like most this one was not true.

Anyway, in turn, I've heard the same was true for Eddie Murphy. That he owned a house in that area. Some nyccers had commented that it was a specific house, one on the left and near the top of the Churchill climb. If so, as nice as a home for proletariats are in that area, it must have been a ""starter"" home for Eddie Murphy.

While killing time in the doctor's office, I came across this snip in last weeks People magazine (see below). Can't say I recall seeing it despite passing through Englewood's many streets. I would think a $30 mn mansion should be quite easy to spot for NJ. Anyone recognize this mansion?



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Fixer (not verified)
Realtor? I wish I was his lawyer!

"Not sure that I recognize the house in question (hey, you seen one mansion, you seen 'em all), but I'm pretty certain that the ""Gloriacrest"" property at the top of Walnut was built for Gloria Swanson, the silent screen star.

At the time, Edison (as in Thomas) was a major movie production studio, and NJ was it's home."

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Herb (not verified)

Eddie's house is is a right turn halfway up Booth. Don't remember the name of the road, but his house is on the left side after you make the right turn.

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