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I want to go on a Euro tour this summer, and I'd really love to do one that goes in and around the Tour de France (the tour taken last year by NYCC club members is supposedly full already). Anyone know of a tour that they can recommend?

Has anyone tried Trek Travel? ( They seem to have nice packages, and you only have to bring a saddle and pedals (and clothing, of course); they supply the bike (trek 5200) so you don't have the hassle of packing or worrying about your own bike.

If other members are interested in trying to set something up, please let me know; we could shop together for a package deal, perhaps.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
trek travel

Did you miss Anthony Donato's report? He thought quite highly of them:

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Carol (not verified)

"This company has several TdF tours as well as 3 Giro tours. They provide a bike, included in tour cost. While I've never done one of their TdF tours, I've taken 9 tours with them and recommend them highly. The all-important restaurant selections are always great; leaders are knowledgeable and friendly; hotels not always luxury but always clean & comfy. Check out their web site at"

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hannah (not verified)
Graham Baxter Sporting Tours

I went with GBST last year and had the time of my life. Though cost was not the deciding factor, their TDF tour was just over half the price of the next-cheapest option I found. See for photos from the trip.

We encountered the Trek people a couple times, and they seemed to stay in their own little bubble, whereas people in my tour dispersed into smaller groups during the day.

No matter what, I think it would be hard *not* to have fun at the Tour. Lucky you!


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Dave Millar (not verified)
Thomson Bike Tours

I went to the TDf last year with a company called Thompson Bike Tours ( Can't recommend them enough, their trip was fantastic - well planned, great staff, unbelievable rides. They're out of CT. You need to be careful who you go with - some companies focus on riding and TDF viewing (like thompson) others focus more on good dining, wine, sigtseeing etc and not so much on the bike riding. Really depends on how much you want to ride and how hard you want to ride.
Good luck!

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