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Is this the NYCC's Hank Schiffman? A very fast runner, on the QT? Coincidentally, I too took 2nd place in the same age group, but in a much slower time!

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Hi Judith

Probably is our Hank. I know he's done several marathons.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Yes, I am the dirty dog

I can't believe it, but I look like Fred Lebow on the trophy!
Did you know that the Age Graded Percentages, listed on the right of the results on the webpage are incorrect. The NYRR uses a formula for 8K rather than 5 mile distance. So all numbers are actually better. We are working to get them to use the correct formula. For me this race was a personal best, the official results record 79.8% but with the correction it is 80.3. We are talking about bragging rights here.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Age Graded Percentage

But Hank that's a phenomenal time, period, who cares about the age graded percentage. You're right though, if they're using 8K to figure it, that's only 4.96m. How did you know that's what they did? Perhaps you know the formula they use. My race also was a PR! Is there something in the air?

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Go to http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wavalookup.html
then enter your age,& time. [You will notice there is no 4 mile in the dropdown box. If there was, NYRR would be using it.] Click on miles and put 5 in the box.
My team coach was responsible for getting the age graded results on NYRR races. It has helped get older runners like you and me recharged on competetive running.
We have been here before with this same problem. NYRR has felt this is close enough.
And yes, we had good times. But I would not have been in medal position if this was a club team point race. There are so many bigger animals in the forest.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Cool calculator

It's interesting in that the age graded time remained exactly the same while the percentage did go up (almost a half percentage point). Anyway.

And thanks, Fred!

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Fred (not verified)

What phenomenal performances!

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