Thursday Ride

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May be too good to pass up. If the temperature holds, and there's no rain, I'm thinking of taking the day (or at least part of it) off to ride. Anyone interested -- mid to high B, (very) low A ride? Post here or email me directly. Flexible pace, flexible destination. Final decision after Wednesday's weather consultation.

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Carol Wood (not verified)


I will be there if I can wrangle another day off--will know by Wed.

To everyone else, note that the following two weeks are currently forecast to fall into a deep freeze. Let's ride while the sun shines.


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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)
I'm there

I'd like to join you, weather permitting.

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Tom (not verified)
Thursday ride

I'm game provided I don't get wrecked on Wednesday's ride to Nyack.
Tom Hayes

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Marci (not verified)
Herb, Tom, Jay & anyone else...

I know Carol's out, you still game for tomorrow? Won't commit to a specific time/place today unless I know for sure someone will be there. Post or email me directly to decide on a time @ boathouse, or my cell phone's public knowledge in the ride listings. Should be over 50 degrees by the time we wake up in the morning!

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Pamela (not verified)
Thursdays ride

i am interested if the weather is good. Could you post time and place by thursday a.m.

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Marci (not verified)
We're On

10:00am, Boathouse. Prompt start, see you there.

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