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Sick of this weather.
Any suggestions on where the best spin class in Manhattan is? Particular instructors that are good would be helpful.
Do these bikes have SPD compatible pedals?
Thanks in advance.

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Michael Casey (not verified)
there's a can of worms

You can search this board for all kinds of recommendations. One interesting possibility: a post from last year that says Toga has spinning classes three nights a week where you bring your own bike and put it on a trainer they provide.

You could also jump on a gym's spin bike with your own music--in my experience Equinox has no problem with this, but Crunch does. Can't speak to NY Sports or others.

Lastly, the garden-variety Schwinn spinning bike at most gyms has Look clips on one side and the old-style SPD (the smaller metal cleat, without the plastic tabs) on the other.

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Fred (not verified)
Crunch 13th St. Early Morning Spin

The Crunch at 13th St. has a couple of excellent Spin Classes in the early AM.

I especially like Joanna on Wed. Morning and Karen on Sun. Morning.

Be forewarned, these classes are TOUGH!

I've been curious about the Spin classes at the Ultimate Triathlon Shop. Has anyone tried them?

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
New York Sports Club spin classes

My experience is that all of these are good. I've been to several NYSC across Manhattan and the spin instructors are all good.

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Regina Hammond (not verified)
NYSC spin @91st & 3rd

I teach Thurs. mornings @ 6:15 am - and i teach for cyclists, not aerobics on the bike! no insane jumps. real riding, tempo, steady state, climbing and leg speed drills. Come say hello!

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Avery L. Washington (not verified)
Be My Guest

Hey JT,

You can be a guest of mine's at classes I instruct. I teach at a variety of locations and times during the week and on Sunday. You are welcome to call me for more details.

Avery- 212-625-7038

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JT (not verified)

Avery thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that. My wife belongs to Equinox. Plus I get a corporate discount there.

Thanks to everyone else for the suggestions.


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