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just to give people an idea of our route this week, we will go long due to the forcasted rain-out tomorrow. we went north to south mtn. road a couple of weeks ago, then turned around for the usual hogwich (runcible) stop. i'd like to do this again sunday. i even thought that if we had a mellow and cooperative group, we could even go up little tor, make a right after the top and loop back to 9W. as always, there are NO planned stops before lunch. that way the hogwich tastes even better!

in case there are folks who've been missing my rides, we have been leaving the boathouse pretty much on time (9:05 at the latest) and sometimes do not stop at the other side of the bridge, so if you want to meet the group on the jersey side of the bridge and see us coming, clip in and start pedaling.

sunday sound good. starting temps in the low-mid 30's and dry. although, there might be some ice and snow around further north.


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Cat (not verified)
time at GWB

"ok, so this is a ""For Dummies"" question. . .but what time do you pass the NJ side of the GWB?

Last week i got there at 9:42 and must have missed you by a minute. I guess i should also factor in the wind speed and direction before i set out -- does anyone have a handy algorithm for that?

See you tomorrow,

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todd brilliant (not verified)

try to be there by 9:30. that is the very earliest i think we might pass by. 9:35 is also a safe bet, but any later we might be gone. sorry, there are too many factors to predict.

i was thinking about leading february rides from the jersey side of the bridge, which would alleviate this type of problem.


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Geoff Baere (not verified)
River Rd.? (nm)

Tod-- Are you taking River Rd. north? And what cancels? Thanks.
Geoff Baere

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todd brilliant (not verified)

i never take river rd.

it's called hill-avoidance. i only go over hills when there's no other way. that being said, there will be hills on tomorrow's ride, but they are necessary to get to where i want to go.

the ride is on for sure.

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SP (not verified)
any cute girls on this ride ? (nm)
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todd brilliant (not verified)

"it's an ""a"" ride."

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)
cute girls

Beth Renaud was on the ride - she's gorgeous.
Oh, yeah, I forgot, she's married. And to the leader, too. Oh, well. . . . .

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K (not verified)
Happy Birthday

Hope you had a good birthday Todd!

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