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I was training up for a fast ride in the Montauk Century, but it turns out my kids have the big talent show that day... Any other good Century rides in the NY area around then? I would travel for the right one... any good listing pages to check?

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B. Dale (not verified)
Hat City

"Hat City Century (Bethel, Ct, on the Metro North line) would be a convenient option during this time period. It's the second weekend of June.


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Jersey guy (not verified)
The Farmlands Century in Lincroft, NJ has a fast course

I've ridden it several times (and have done Montauk four times). Farmlands is run by the Central Jersey Bicycle Club (of which I'm a longtime member) and is scheduled for Saturday, May 7th this year. The course is flat to rolling, less traffic than Montauk though not quite as flat. About 800-1,000 people participate each year. Contact me directly if you want more details. The NJ Randonneurs are hosting a 200k ride (125 miles out of Whitehouse Station, N.J.) and a 300k (185-miles out of Princeton) on May 21st, but they are much hillier than Farmlands.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Farmlands is a good ride

I did that ride back in '96 or '97. It was well run. only downside is that there are more developments and less farmland than there was back then.

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April (not verified)

First Sunday of June, in the same vicinity of Long Island! The 120 mile version goes all the way out to Montauk! You'll actually ride part of the Montauk Centry (the nicer part, in my opinion).

It's one of my favorates, put out by the Suffolk county club. It starts out at the north fork, over to Shelter Island by boat, tour Shelter Island, and then down to the south fork by boat again! The REAL ride begins from there though... Check out their web site:


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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
SBRA Montauk Railroad Century


You can still do Montauk, although it's earlier, requires Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association (SBRA) membership and starts from Babylon:


Saturday May 7, 2005

The traditional SBRA Montauk Railroad Century continues! We will start in Babylon, ride to Montauk, and return in our own private LIRR car. The bikes will be transported back by truck. The club's century training rides will help us develop the skills necessary to ride 100 miles. Due to insurance rules, this event is now limited to SBRA members.

Hope this gives you an option,

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"""Any other good Century rides in the NY area around then?""




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