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Do club racers bother with aero helmets in time trial events? I've seen some pretty fancy TT bikes, with disk wheels and everything, but I haven't noticed whether or not local racers use aero clothing. After what I read about Nike spending $1 million on R+D for Team Postal's TdF outfits, I remember concluding that the body moves around as much air as the bike does.

Not that I'd buy one--nothing looks more absurd than an old fat guy squeezed into some aero outfit, complete with aero helmet, on a time trial bike to go...14 mph. But I am curious to see how seriously people take aero helmets.

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audra (not verified)

I've seen people in triathlons wear aero helmets, but I don't think they're gonna make a huge difference.

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Matthew (not verified)

There are only one or two that are legal for USCF races (Louis Garneau's is the most common). You can see a few in these pictures from a TT in the park last summer:

I think you can find data on the Web about the time savings over 40k. In general I think you'd be better off saving your money for some deep rims, a disk wheel, or a good bike fitting (for example with local TT champ Craig Upton).

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