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Anyone have a better downhill alternative to E Clinton off 9W heading west to 501? You have to be on the brakes the whole time, it's full of ruts. Thanks

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Carol (not verified)

Closter Dock Road - it's not much of a shoulder and you'll still be on the brakes, but the road surface is better.

Or if you don't mind meandering a bit, go past 9W on Palisade Ave., right on Summit to end, left on Lyncrest to end, right on Woodland, left on Churchill to bottom, right on Leroy, immediate left on Woodland Park to end, right on Engle, left on whatever suits you (E. Clinton, Highland, Highwood, or Hudson) down to 501. Much less braking, much less traffic.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Hillside Ave

I recommend Hillside Ave, it's the next light after Closter Dock heading north on 9W. Not only is the pavement better than CLoster Dock, it alot has alot less traffic, including those turning onto and crossing the road. Couple that with a wider viewing range and it's much safer bombing down that hill than the others.

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JAY (not verified)
Hillside is better than Closter Dock but Carol's meandering is

better than Hillside. They are both my friends, but I am a denizen of the West Bank and have family members living in the immediate area in question.

For variety and interest, take the next light after Clinton (flashing--RioVista/Esplanade) Go left at Stone Tower, R onRio Vista, Left at Hemlock, then rights at all the sts named after Repub presidents and left at all Democratic presidents--exception is Hoover (go left there)
Right on Huyler's Landing down to 501. You will pass Mary Blige's present and Mike Piazza's past residences, etc. There is very little traffic in this highly upscale nabe & your wrists will get frequent rests from braking.

There may be other variations of Carol's meandering route in the ride library on the NYCC web site.

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