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It's a new NYCC tradition - 2/3rds of a triathlon. We cycle to Coney Island, some of us (not me) do the swim, and then instead of doing the run, we go to a feast at Tony Mantione's.

So thanks to Peter and Marci for starting the tradition last year and keeping it going this year. Thanks to Tony, Marianne and the rest of the family for the fabulous Brooklyn hospitality. And congratulations to our six Polar Bears: Marci Silverman, Peter Kouletsis, Jack Lehnert, Mavis Scanlon, Cheryl Daitch and Melissa Thoms. For the rest of us it was a lovely day at the beach!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
I got a sunburn!

Thanks again Marci and Peter.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
hAPPY nEW yEAR!!!!

Thanks to Marci, the 2nd annual Coney Island Polar Bear ride completed. In 60 degree air temp, around 50 riders braved ridicule, hangovers, and Brooklyn to complete their first ride of 2005! At least 6 earned their Polar Bear certificates, and all seemed to have a great time!
Yours truly? I was there via automobile, i still cant squeeze the rear brake lever, and did immerse in the FRIGID atlantic. MUTHAH, it was cold!

Thanks to Marci, Carol, Alfredo and other co-leaders i have forgotten. And thanks to all who came out to play.
What a Rush! Let's do it again next year..

Also thanks to Tony and Maryanne for the post ride Carb Fest!! Buon Giusto!!!

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