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I LOVE Mallorca and have been to both the Stephen Roche and Max Huersler bike hotels, but thinking about trying somewhere different, with or without rental bikes?

Any suggestions? Thanks

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bill (not verified)

Tell us more about Mallorca!

What/where/when/go by yourself?.... pictures ;-)

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Wendy Thiele (not verified)
Mallorca info

I tried getting in touch with you via e-mail, but it bounced back. What is your correct e-mail address?
Gary was one of our clients in 2002; you can view his pictures on our website, under Memories 2002.
Wendy Thiele

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XXX (not verified)

See photos and descriptions on NYCC site:

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Gary (not verified)

"I'm still hoping to learn of ""new"" options for places to stay, but in the interim I'll try to elaborate on the two bike camps I have enjoyed:

1) The Max Huersler Camp is coordinated by Hayo and Wendy Thiele (see

Hayo does a fantastic job of arranging bike rentals, rides, meals and events for you and your fellow Americans.

The hotel houses a thousand cyclists, mostly German and Swiss. It is a beautiful hotel on the East coast with an excellent inclusive breakfast and dinner buffet.

It is the only camp or tour I've experienced that literally offers ALL levels of riding, from leisurely C rides to category one A rides. Rides stop at small village cafes for very quick lunch ""coca cola"" stops and return mid afternoon - bring energy bars.

2) The Stephen Roche Camp ( Tell Marga I said hello.

The hotel is located on the Southwest coast at the foot of some nice climbs and convenient to Palma* via taxi or bus.

The hotel is fine and the food is good and plentiful, but not on the same level as Max Huersler. Though, the complimentary wine and bottled water with dinner at Roche is a nice touch.

Roche usually has 40 to 80 cyclists who usually gather in one area of the dining room. I like the more intimate size and variety of cyclists typically from Britain, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, New Jersey, Oops.

Make sure you have some winter miles in your legs and are capable of riding a fast B pace. The rides rendezvous with a Sag for a very quick lunch snack - bring energy bars.

Bottom line:

I would recommend both Max Huersler and Stephen Roche.

Even with the weakening American dollar, both camps remain a good value for a simple, invigorating, winter getaway.

* See Palma if you'd like to experience one of the most beautiful, cosmopolitan, yacht harbor cities in Europe. And take the mini-railroad climb to Soler on the north side of the island for lunch - you won't regret it!


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Josef Sachs (not verified)
Mallorca - save money - donate savings

If you speak German, have a friend who speaks German, or speak English with a German accent you can make your reservations direct and save over $200. Don't be a girlyman and please donate some of savings to Red Cross for the tsunami victims.

Alle Preise in EURO pro Person mit Radsportprogramm und Halbpension. (ohne Flug und Transfer) – “Price in Euros with sports package, meals (without flight and airport transfer)”

Prosit 2005!

Alles Gute im neuen Jahr!!!


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fixed (not verified)

1) The Max Huersler Camp is coordinated by Hayo and Wendy Thiele (see

Coordinated? Hajo tacks on a pretty good percentage for himself if you book through him. Unfortunately he's got North America wrapped up. If you can book through a European agent, skipping Hajo, great, you'll save a couple hundred dollars at least. Bad news, its probably not a choice since Hajo has been cracking down on those agents that book Americans.

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April (not verified)
Crack down?

"""Hajo has been cracking down on those agents that book Americans.""


Aren't they just another agent like others (europeans), with a specialty in North America? They can't do that unless they have the cooperation of the owner/organizer Max-Hurzeler. Or do they (have the ok from the ""real boss"")?

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anon (not verified)
Crack down

Not so April, Fixer is right on the money (your money!) The other agents are legitimate well-established businesses that make their profit by acting as booking agents for the Max Huerzeler Organization. They do not charge Americans (ugly or not) any more than anyone else. They charge everyone the same: Europeans, Asian, Arabs, Americans, Martians, etc. The Max Huerzeler organization promotes itself strictly in German (check their web site) so it takes about 20 minutes to figure out how to book it yourself. In the past, you could make arrangements yourself and “Hotelplan” was more than happy to do so. However, in an effort to control the market and impose a duty on Americans, Hajo convinced the Max Huezeler organization to prevent “HotelPlan” from accepting any Americans, at least during the 2/3 weeks that he has his grip on the camp. The irony is that Hajo himself must book through “HotelPlan” on your behalf. So now in order to make a reservation you must give Hajo a check well in advance of your trip. He makes the arrangements on your behalf and pays when he arrives in March. For this “service” Hajo imposes a 40% fee and will act as your translator. Like any major hotel, I’m sure the hotel staff speaks English. The “HotelPlan” are major travel agents and will speak English as well. If you’ve ever traveled to Europe you’ll know this to be true. Also, the thousands of Germans and Swiss who book without Hajo’s help are friendly so you need not fear.

What if your landlord said that if you wanted cable TV you’d have to do it through him and Cable Vision allowed him to do this and wouldn’t deal with you directly. So you pay your landlord $100/month he gives Cable Vision $70/month in your name and pockets the difference for his “service”. Meanwhile, your German friend on the Eastside deals with cable vision directly and pays only $70/month because Cable Vision likes dealing with Germans. I think you get the picture now. Sounds borderline legal and unethical at best. Caveat Emptor April!


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An Apple (not verified)
How true

I couldn't have explained it any better.....

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Martha (not verified)
Here's an even better explanation according to Donnelly

"$100,000 fine, treble damages, up to 4 years in jail !!! Yikes!!!

Just for market allocation where the only concern is that a few dozen well-to-do cyclists pay a few hundred dollars extra and no one (almost no one) complains and no one is physically hurt?

All this just for preventing direct booking with Max Huerzeler through HotelPlan??? Can this be true???



New York's antitrust law, known as the Donnelly Act, Sections 340-347 of New York's General Business Law, was enacted in 1893. Through amendment and interpretation the Donnelly Act has come to follow closely the federal Sherman Act, although it differs in some key respects.
The act prohibits price fixing, bid rigging, monopolization, boycotts, tying arrangements, and territorial and customer allocations, among other practices.

Violators are subject to fines of up to $1,000,000 for corporations and $100,000 for individuals. Private parties can bring lawsuits to enjoin these practices and obtain treble damages. Violation of the Donnelly Act is also a felony, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000,000 for corporations and up to $100,000 and 4 years imprisonment for individuals.

Market allocations include agreements between competitors that they will not compete with respect to specified customers, geographical territories or products. These agreements are illegal at all levels of distribution, whether among manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers.

Kagemusha of America and Mishima of America are distributors of video disc players, video cassette recorders and stereo equipment manufactured by their parent companies. The video machines have incompatible formats (in other words, the discs or cassettes designed for Kagemusha cannot be played on the Mishima machines, and vice versa). The companies agree informally that in New York, Kagemusha will only distribute video disc players and Mishima only video cassette recorders. They also agree that Kagemusha will distribute its stereo equipment only to stores north of Ulster County and Mishima only to stores in Ulster and south. The companies have illegally allocated markets by product and geographical territory.

An illegal tie-in occurs when a seller with market power over one product (the ""tying product"") will only sell it to buyers who agree to buy another product (the ""tied product"").

Wonderdrug Co. has developed and patented a revolutionary new drug that can cure many people in mental institutions and allow them to return to their homes. In order to obtain this drug, Wonderdrug forces a patient to also obtain a very expensive, regularly scheduled blood test from a subsidiary company. In fact, the blood test could be performed by any company or hospital with no impact on the drug's effectiveness. This tying arrangement is unlawful, and would not be allowed under antitrust law.

The antitrust laws in New York are enforced by the Attorney General of New York State, the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and by private citizens and businesses. Their respective roles in antitrust enforcement are briefly described below.

New York's Attorney General investigates and prosecutes violations of the State's antitrust law. The Attorney General has exclusive power to sue for civil fines and may bring state criminal prosecutions or grant a district attorney the authority to do so. The Attorney General, as well as the federal authorities, can prosecute interstate activity affecting New York.
The Attorney General represents not only New York consumers but also New York State, and its pol"

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An Apple (not verified)

Hajo has a deal with Max that he is the North American agent for the Huezeler camp. European agents will not book Americans anymore. You may get lucky though......

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Wendy Thiele (not verified)

To those individuals who have posted their views about MajorcaCycling recently, I would like to clarify a couple of things:
Let's compare apples with apples. There is clearly a big difference in the level of service which we provide vs. the level of service you would receive if you COULD book directly. This is confirmed by the testemonials of previous clients posted on our webstite (see Memories). For a list of these services check out our website. Hajo is available 24/7 for our customers from arrival at the hotel to departure for all needs and any problems which may arise. As you all know, the travel industry is a service industry. We work very hard to ensure that all our customers receive full service from their first phone call/e-mail, the ease of bookings, the payment in USD (not EURO), to their departure from Majorca. And for these services and risks (USD depreciation) we receive a fee. There is no such thing as a free lunch. This is a business. If you wish to go to Max's camp you must book through MajorcaCycling, since we are the North American reps. We hate to loose clients to our competitors/other camps, but if you don't want to book through MajorcaCycling, there are other alternative camps out there.
Wendy Thiele

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An Apple (not verified)

"Frankly Wendy, I don't see what benefit you or Hajo could provide. I have been to the Huezerler camp without having booked my trip through you. I had a fantastic time and stayed in a wonderful hotel. Everything was easy to figure out and the service provided by the staff of Huezerler and the hotel was first rate. The only ""service"" provided was the ire of Hajo finding out that there was an American at the camp who booked the trip through a European agent, not knowing or even having been told there was an American representative."

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Tony (not verified)
Soprano Cycling

I myself have a similar type business where I act as a middleman for concrete purchases. My experienced crew and I provide 24/7 service to insure that there are no disruptions or union activities during construction. My associate, Paulie Walnuts will be at your construction site daily to insure a pleasureable and hassle-free experience from the time construction starts untl its finished.

However, if you decide to disrespect me and somehow manage to elude my stranglehold on concrete purchases by buying concrete directly from Huerzeler Concrete I cannot guarantee that your construction activities will go without incident. For a mere 40% fee, Soprano Recycling will be available for three weeks in the spring to insure that your construction experience goes smoothly. Please contact Carmela Soprano for more information.

Note that this applies to Americans only. If you live outside the US you can make your concrete purchases directly with Huerzeler Concrete. For Americans, you can always purchase concrete through Roche Concrete but it’s the same price that you would pay if you bought Huezeler concrete through me. That’s why Soprano Recycling can get away with charging a 40% fee.

Also, great news for Italian bike lovers. Starting in 2005, Soprano Cycling will become the exclusive seller of all Italian frames. I’m talking Pinarello, Bianchi, Colnago, Basso, etc, etc. Unfortunately, due do currency fluctuations beyond the control of Soprano Cycling, prices will be 40% higher than if you bought them at your local bike store. Your local bike store will no longer be able to sell you Italian frames directly. In exchange, your local bike stores will have protection against broken windows, thefts, arson, and other problems that could hinder business. For three weeks in the spring, Soprano Cycling will have a crew in Italy that will work directly with the factory to make sure that your frame is built on time and to the highest level of craftsmanship. We will pick up your frame at the airport as it falls off the back of the truck. We will also oversee assembly at your local bike shop to insure perfect assembly. After the bike is ready yous guys can ride with me in Staten Island - I'll meet yous at the Ferry. We stop at every pastry shop for canolis so don't be in a hurry. Paulie will provide sag wagon support and refreshments (for a fee, of course). If you choose not to purchase your NYC potable water from Paulie, I cannot guarantee you safe return to the ferry station. Also, I don't ride in the rain!

If you don't like it, call the Department of Commerce. Remember, fair unrestricted trade, is not fair to me and my associates.

Tony Soprano

La Cosa Nostra

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Gary (not verified)
Chill, please

"I've just returned from Holiday and was excited to see several new replies to my original thread, NEW places to stay on Mallorca...... only to find an ongoing rant on the injustices of certain people charging for providing services and ""controlling"" one's options.

I appreciate the several points shared in ref to ""controlling"", but before more energy is invested in burning anyone at the stake, let me say two things:

1) Hajo and Wendy are entitled to a fee. They provide a service and made my vacation a simple, convenient and enjoyable experience.

* The politics of what is right and wrong is good to be aware of, but at a certain point it turns into nothing more than one upsmanship and negative energy.

2) There are a myriad of options and It would be wonderful if we would return to my quest for ""NEW places to stay on Mallorca."" Thank you.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Positive New Year!"

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April (not verified)
"What's the expectation of a ""new"" hotel option?"

There must be something that you're looking for that are different from your past options. More amenities? Multi-sport? Different location so you can ride other part of the island? No frill places for less money?...

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy!

I am planning to do Puglia with AB Cycle, an Italian cycling company. Here is the text of an email I received from them:

we will work on a tour of Puglia starting on March Sat 5th (date of arrival
in Bari).
The tour will last one week and end on Sat 12th (departure from Bari).
Temperatures in Puglia during this period range from 42F (low) to 60F
There will be 6 riding days averaging about 100k per day.
7 nights out in 2 different Masserie.
Masserie are typical of Puglia: spectacularly restored mansion houses built
in the 18th centuries and converted to fine Hotels.
They serve outstanding meals - with mostly self produced ingredients -
and wine.

Price of the tour is Eur 1050 a person.
- 7 nights in double room w/bath in charming 3 stars Hotels
- 7 breakfasts and dinners (no beverages)
- support van with English speaking driver
- van transfers to and from Bari Airport

We will run this tour IF we reach a minimal 4 participants by Jan 31st.

The tour operator (Angelo Bandini) can be reached at [email protected].

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Training camp in Tucson

The url is

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Basil (not verified) (nm)
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Frugal Traveler (not verified)
Snow job in Majorca

"All Prices are with “Cycling Sport Program” (Radsportprogramm). Prices available through the internet are without transfer or 4 ride tickets so $100 has been added

Go to site below for prices (add $100 for airport/hotel transfer and ride tickets which included in package). Ride tickets are optional when booking direct.

There is a substantial discount for 2nd week of 2 week stay booking direct

Direct with HotelPlan 3/19/05- 3/26/05
Double occupancy 1st week $580
Single occupancy 1st week $695
Double occupancy 2nd week $500
Single occupancy 2nd week $610 per week
Double occupancy per week $770
Single occupancy per week $875 surcharge first week
Double occupancy per week ($190) 33%
Single occupancy per week ($180) 26% surcharge for 2 week stay
Double occupancy per week ($460) 43%
Single occupancy per week ($445) 34%


New York's antitrust law, known as the Donnelly Act, Sections 340-347 of New York's General Business Law, was enacted in 1893. Through amendment and interpretation the Donnelly Act has come to follow closely the federal Sherman Act, although it differs in some key respects.
The act prohibits price fixing, bid rigging, monopolization, boycotts, tying arrangements, and territorial and customer allocations, among other practices.

Violators are subject to fines of up to $1,000,000 for corporations and $100,000 for individuals. Private parties can bring lawsuits to enjoin these practices and obtain treble damages. Violation of the Donnelly Act is also a felony, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000,000 for corporations and up to $100,000 and 4 years imprisonment for individuals.

The Federal Trade Commission may investigate and bring civil suit against businesses which violate federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The Commission may also issue orders to stop certain business practices, after an administrative hearing.
The Commission also issues rules which define business practices that violate the Federal Trade Commission Act. It can sue for civil penalties and damages for violations of these trade regulation rules. The address and phone number of the regional office of the Federal Trade Commission in New York are:

Federal Trade Commission
150 William Street, Suite 1300
New York, New York
Telephone: (212) 264-1207


The public has a vital role to play in antitrust enforcement. This is designed to acquaint you with the state and federal statutes and some of the most common and serious types of antitrust violations. Many of the most important antitrust investigations and prosecutions have begun as a result of information supplied by members of the public.

Business people, purchasing agents, government employees and consumers with any information about behavior which is believed to violate the antitrust laws should immediately contact the Attorney General's office at the address or number listed below. The identity of a confidential informant is protected to the fullest extent allowed by law.

If you have any questions or complaints, call, write, or visit the office of:

Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, New York 12224
(518) 474-7330


Attorney General
120 Broadway
New York, New York 10271-0332
(212) 416-8050

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Domestic places: easier, cheaper, nearer, and just as challengin

Gary was looking for a new place to ride in lieu of returning to Mallorca.

It was 83º in San Diego last week. It's usually in the mid-70sº. Mt. Palomar and Mt. Wilson beckon. But the place abounds with hills. Europros train in San Diego. USPS trains outside of Santa Barbara.

Air fare via Jet Blue: $95 each way. Likely others about the same.

(If necessary, add the add-on charge for flying your bike to the air fare. But first argue that airlines don't charge to fly skis...if they don't.)

The conversion rate is: $1 = $1 US.

Language warning: They speak a language many of us don't: good English.

Yeah, OK, so ya gotta make your own hotel reservations and order your own food. Is that really such a big deal? The roads are free.

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April (not verified)
But it's boring

"From the pure training point of view, California or Arizona have weather and tarrain to satisfy any aspiring snowbird bend on improving their performance on 2 wheels.

But what about the cafe and little villages with character? Much of the US is just that: the US. Besides, how long does it take to get bored with looking at pine trees lining along your route? That's what you'll be looking at 90% of the rides. The ocean? it's there when you come down, but I'm usually too busy looking at the next curve...

I do agree with you that for those heading over the Mallorca on an ""all americanized"" tour organized by our friendly guides of, it's probably a lot cheaper to go to LA or San Diego. You won't get any cultural experience of visiting a different country. But then the logistic is easier, the flights shorter and cheaper, and you don't need a translator to help you out at $200 premium.

On the other hand, perhaps it's worth the premium for the bragging right in club gatherings for having riden in Europe.

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el jefe (not verified)
Bragging rights?

There's bragging rights for riding in _Europe_??

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

No, just Costa Rica. :-)

cycling trips