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I'll be riding all this week iin Ft Lauderdale, Florida...does anyone have any good websites to find rides or bike shops to visit while in town??


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Banana Man (not verified)
Okay, I am jealous. (nm)
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Fixer (not verified)
I'm not...

"South FLA has got to be one of the worst places to ride in the entire country. It's all either 6 lane arteries with cars doing 60 three inches off the curb, or cul-de-sacs that go nowhere.

The local bike club has one route in their ""library"": up A1A to Boca and back. Otherwise, it's the sidewalk for you, buddy.

Weather's nice though, this time of year."

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Bike Club URL

Can you give a URL for that bike club? Thanks

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Fixer (not verified)
www.southbrowardwheelers.com (nm)
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Nathaniel (not verified)
northern palm beach county

if you don't mind an hour drive up to juno beach, they have some great group rides on beautiful ocean side road with little traffic from juno beach through jupiter island up to hobe sound. check out the schedule at

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Mike Sweeney (not verified)

First, south Florida is a nightmare as pointed out - the street grids (even residential thoroughfares) are all 4 or 6 lane divided shoulderless highways with speeds of 50-60 mph. Only exception is of course A1A and roads well out to the west. Don't even think of asserting your right to the road.

Having said that A1A is a beautiful jaunt you'll never get bored of, and as someone pointed out there are miles of low-traffic riding up toward Jupiter/Juno/Vero Beach if you can get up north a bit.

Last time I was down there I only had a mountain bike, so I rode sidewalks (gasp) to A1A then enjoyed a 30 mile roundtrip up north to the tip of Palm Beach and back.

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Joe Kubera (not verified)

I'm afraid Fixer is right. I have a sister who lives there. Never rode much there, outside of pootling 'round the neighborhood, but just eyeballing the road and traffic situation is pretty sobering.

Enjoy the sun though!

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Tim Andon (not verified)
Bike shop!

"Look for a shop called ""Mikes"" on old US 1 just above Ft Lauderdale. I don't know if its owned by the same owner, but they had organized rides every weekend starting on A1A, route that goes along the beach. Mike's also has another shop in Miami that is a fast ride to Key Biscayne. Thaey had an A ride and a B ride, my average when I done the B ride was 19.5, a true reading on my computer. They ride hard on a flat road, just 1 ""hill"", the span going into Key Biscayne."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Florida cyclists

It's hearsay, but I was trading war stories with a couple of cyclists I met at the GWB last Friday. One guy said he had recently been in Florida and cycled with a group. The cutoff temperature for rides was 51 degrees, he was astonished to learn, and when he showed up for a ride with temps in the 50s, people were wearing Amphibs. Then he got a text message from his buddy who had ridden to the Runcible, where it was 31.

As a refugee from SoCal, I can testify that a mild climate is a detriment in many ways.

Oh, but it's very good for a vacation.

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