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"Sat. Jan 1, 2005, 11am
2nd Annual Brooklyn Polar Bears Ride!
From: City Hall (optional start at Prospect Park, call leader if you plan to join us there -- 646-408-4565)

It appears the banana (guy) is still bruised -- looks like I'm flying solo again on this one. So I'D LIKE A CO-LEADER OR TWO! Who's willing to help?

Last year we had over 35 people, and split up into a couple groups to accomodate all levels of riders. Although it could change at any time, temps are again predicted to be close to 50 degrees so if the rain holds we'll have another great day. If you're willing to help co-lead either the ""faster"" or ""slower"" group -- please post to this thread or call or email me directly.

And yes, last year I did take the plunge. No promises this year, but if enough people show up...

Full write-up:

Happy New Year! Last year's ride was such a success it's become an annual event. Join us on the first ride of the new year We’re going to the beach (Coney Island,that is) to see Polar Bears! The polar bears swim club will be meeting on the beach at Stillwell Ave at 1:00pm for their annual New Years Swim party. We’ll watch them make a splash, followed by lunch at Nathan’s, Totonno’s, or some other place. Bring towel and swimsuit if so inclined. Sunblock probably not necessary. Last year a few members took the plunge -- this year, we're expecting more! Required: helmet, bike, spares, water, food, human warmth. Cancels: wet roads at start, temps below 25° at 10 am (NY1). Plentiful bail-outs via Metro Card. Check message board if in doubt.

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John Z (not verified)
Something More

Since the weather will be favorable, let's see how many miles we can get in! I am looking to lead an adhoc ride starting with the Polar Bear crew but then heading out east along the ocean until we get either tired or bored from the flat terrain. Figure a 60-70 mile total ride, A-19ish pace. No cue sheets, just call it as we go. Email me.

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Mike B (not verified)
meeting point?

when you say the ride leaves from City Hall, where exactly do you mean?

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Marci (not verified)

You won't miss the pack of cyclists gathering near the subway stop at city hall plaza -- right across from entrance to the brooklyn bridge bike path.

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Marci (not verified)
If it really hits 60 degrees...

... I expect everyone to take the plunge ;-)

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Banana Man (not verified)
Bump to top

C'mon, please?
My latest Autumnal fall left no lingering bone damage, but did create a tear in a right-hand thumb ligament. While I am due to see the orthopaedist again in January, the brace i now wear does not fit into a glove, and I still haven't the strength to squeeze a brake lever.

I would appreciate if anybody would step up to co-lead the 2nd annual Coney Island Polar Bear Watch ride.
I will try to meet the ride at the beach to hold towels and take photographs.

Hope I can ride again soon.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
weather permitting


Peter, sorry to see you out of action.

Weather permitting, I'd like to pinch hit and co-lead the ""slow"" group (C?) to Coney Island, from City Hall and back.

What time will we see the Polar Bear & NYCC swim? Where can I download NYCC signup forms?

It would be nice if a fellow leader brethren(s) can assist, a familiar face and/or someone who graduated from the 2004 C SIG class.

I'll bring a Sony digital camera, which packs a 3-5 megapixal punch plus movie mode.

Peter, time for your closeup...

Happy Holidays, cycling wise and otherwise

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Marci (not verified)
Thanks, Alfredo

It would be great to have you lead a C group. I will contact you directly to answer your questions.

Any others willing to help?

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Banana Guy (not verified)

I plan also to attend, at least at start and finish with towels and camera.

See you there!

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
New Years day ride, afteride afterparty

"Hello To all NYCC menbers thinking of doing the ""annual"" New years day Polar Bear Ride to Coney Island W/ Marci, Those of us who did last year's ride know what a wonderful time was had by all.Especially those that took the plunge!!
In keeping w/ tridition ,after the ride,I will once again invite the group to my house in Dyker Hights, to help celebrate the new year,and drink to a good cycling season to come.
Due to the many requests, we will keep the alcholic consumpition to beer,wine,champagne, light liquers,( but NO UUZO) Sorry Peter. As always we will have plenty of soft drinks,coffee,hot choc.tea .Along w/ plenty of Italian goodies.. If the wheather is really warm, there might be more riders that I can confortably accomodate. I hate to refuse hospitality to ANYONE, but in the interest of confort and enjoyment I will have to limit the afterparty group to oprx. 20 riders . So If you're planning on doing the ride, call Marci. If your're seriously considering joining the afterparty, let me know, so I can reserve a place @ the table for you .....Happy Cycling..........Ciao Tony Mantione
[email protected]
C- 917 251 3549"

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Marci (not verified)
No need to call me...

... unless you have questions or want to volunteer to co-lead. Otherwise, we'll see you at city hall, and as Tony mentioned, contact him to reserve your place at his table!

Thanks, Tony, once again, for your gracious hospitality.

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Marci (not verified)
let's hope this isn't too good to be true...

Current forecast for New Year's Day -- high of 60 degrees!!

Oh, and I'm still looking for potential co-leads. Thanks.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
New Year's Day forecast

The forecast looks good for cyclists, but not for the Polar Bear Club!

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Larry Ach (not verified)
New Year's Day Ride

I will gladly co-lead, just tell me what time the ride starts at City Hall--thanks

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Marci (not verified)
Thanks, Larry

I will contact you directly.

Thanks, too to Alfredo and Carol Waaser. Everyone's help is much appreciated.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
hAPPY nEW yEAR!!!!

Thanks to Marci, the 2nd annual Coney Island Polar Bear ride completed. In 60 degree air temp, aroudn 50 riders braved ridicule (and Brooklyn) to complete their first ride of 2005! At least 6 earned their Polar Bear certificates, and all seemed to have a great time!
Yours truly? I was there via automobile, i still cant squeeze the rear brake lever, and did immerse in the FRIGID atlantic.

Thanks to Marci, Carol, Alfredo and others i may have forgotten.
What a Rush! Let's do it again next year..

Also thanks to Tony and Maryanne for the post ride Carb Fest!! Buon Giusto!!!

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