Spotted: A robot on the back of a Tandem

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Yes, it was one of those occasions when I wished I had a camera with me and kicked myself for not taking it. I had contemplated taking the camera with me yesterday morning because the sky looked so interesting, but it was only a quick trip to the bank.

Well, having been to the bank and then to Cosi's on 75th and Broadway to get some coffee, on my way home, I spotted a black Cannondale tandem (mountain or hybrid) with a real person piloting it and a robot as the stoker - yes, a robot, which looked as though it could have just ridden off the set of Star Wars!

There was a yellow placard mounted on a rear pannier rack and I thought it said something along the lines of Village Robots, but a search on Google has not brought up anything about robots riding a tandem.

Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone else seen this robot on the back of the tandem? It was spotted on Broadway, heading south at 75th and Broadway at around 11AM yesterday morning.

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Peter Hochstein (not verified)
The riding robot of the upper west side

Tell me again: what did you say you were drinking at Cosi's, Anthony?

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Joao (not verified)

"I've seen it twice, on the corner of 72nd and Amsterdam. Its an ad for one of those ""futuristic looking crap-R-Us"" stores."

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)
Robot on Tandem

I have seen a similiar robot in a war canoe heading uptown on Fifth Avenue during a very heavy rainstorm.
The robot was in the bow and had a war bonnet on its head!

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Basil (not verified)
Saw the same tandem with robot stoker on UWS yesterday (nm)
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David (not verified)
The case of mysterious robot cyclist solved !

Well, in doing recon on the west side today, I spotted the robot (official mascot) of Robot Village, 210 W 80th St. A small store selling Robot kits, windups.

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