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I have an 8 speed campagnolo road bike which was recently hit by a car. If you have a favorite bike shop, I'd like to hear about it. Thank you,

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)
Bicycle Workshop

You can search the forums for many threads about this subject.

My favorite NYC bike shop is Bicycle Workshop in Tenafly, NJ. It's a half-hour ride from the city.

- Christian

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MP (not verified)

Conrad's in Tudor City and Sid's on E. 34th St. have done right by me.

I live one block from a shop on 15th and 6th (I won't mention the name) and I wouldn't send my dog in there to buy a patch kit.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

>I live one block from a shop on 15th and 6th (I won't mention the name) and I wouldn't send my dog in there to buy a patch kit.
I heartily agree!!
I haven't been to all the bike shops in the City so I can't say for certain which one is best, but I use Sid's on 34th just west of 2nd Ave and I like them a lot! I always receive great service and they do great work. I bought my last bike there and was 100% satisfied with the entire process.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

"The last time I was in there five, count 'em five, guys were standing behind the counter eating pizza, yakking it up, having a great time, ignoring the customers. ""Hello, excuse me, can I pay for this please?""

OTOH, Bicycle Workshop - if they're eating pizza when you walk in, the first thing they do is offer you a slice.

Attitude vs no attitude, unfriendly vs friendly, hit-or-miss customer service vs full-time customer service. There's no comparison."

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SP (not verified)
Sid - vs - Bicycle Workshop

"Exactly right.

Last time I was at Sid's reminded me of a ""snotty club"" in LA back in the early 90's. What an attitude they have there w/the IQ capacity of a Guns & Roses roadie.

At Bicycle Workshop, David (the owner)and his staff always greet me w/ a handshake and a smile. He always offers a free water refill, the use of his restroom, any munchies (chips, fries, etc..). A service w/out the attitude and who sure scored high on their SAT's."

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rjb (not verified)

Ditto for me - I haven't been to one NYC shop that even comes close to the service and friendliness at Bicycle Workshop (and I've been to them all). And they have great mechanics too. I'll gladly ride out there for just about anything.

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Vinjum (not verified)
FSA dealers

New York bikers!
I need help from you! Do you know any stores at Manhattan carrying a wide selection of FSA (Full Speed Ahead) mtb components? I am keen on upgrading my stem and handlebar with new FSA components!

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Joe Kubera (not verified)

When I was searching for a place to get my Riv frame built up, I was asking this question too. I might have gone to Bicycle Workshop in Tenafly, as it was recommended, but from home in S.I. it was just too far. I settled on Conrad's, Yee was the guy who built it up and he did a fine job right down to the flawless cloth bar tape. He put on a plastic BB cable guide which maybe was unnecessary, but no big deal. I'm very happy. I think my bike was a little retro compared to what they usually see in there.

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Hindy Schachter (not verified)

John Tsang at Conrads is always helpful.

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Cat (not verified)
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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
your approach is the best

Your approach is the best - just edit out (truncate) the message's contents.

While I'm all for recycling electrons, deleting is problematic for a threaded message board format. Conceptually, how would it be done without disrupting or confusing the flow of discussion?

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Cat (not verified)

In my opinion, New York City's authority on Campagnolo works at Sid's. Unfortunately, Zoltan is out of the country until about April (check with the shop) but for future reference, he really knows what he's doing and if he was eating goulash when you came in i'm sure he'd offer you some too.

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Robert Rakowitz (not verified)
I agree

Yes - we all put up with a lot of different types at shops, but I vote Zoltan - he is truly amazing.

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Nathan (not verified)

I would have to agree also. I enjoy taking my bike in for Zoltan. I actualy keep his number in my cell phone. You never know if you need an emergency fix.

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seth (not verified)
if I ever need an apendectomy or

another ligament reconstruction Zoltan is my guy. I'm just hoping my bicycles hold up until he gets back.

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
Sid's best service in NYC

Just another vote for Sid's and some additional praise for Zoltan and his great mechanical skills, also a great guy.

I have to also mention Alan the store owner who has given me some great deals and is always available to answer any of my questions.

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me (not verified)

I use to think that too about Sid's.

But something has changed.
I sent several people there who had horrible experience, right down to them LOOSING a frame and now I think twice about who I want working on my bikes.

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
Sid's Bikes NYC

Just came back from Sid's bought a great new frame set for the New Year. I dealt with Alan the owner once again, he matched a price I saw on Ebay he didn't even ask to see the post. Like I said in a previous thread I'll only go to another shop if it's an emergency repair, and since Zoltan has been my only mechanic that hasn't happened as of yet.

Anyway like I said previously the best service I've found in NYC and I've been to all the shops listed above. Just my 2c!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
You are lucky

Every time I've gone to Sid's, which is in my neighborhood, there is one person (I'm assuming he's the owner, as he seemed to be the person in charge) has tried to sell me something costing much, much more than I what I needed (repairs, replacement parts), while failing to address the problem I came in to solve. I have found this sales effort off-putting and untrustworthy.

The young staff members have seemed to me to be more honest. True, they are often eating during my visits, but they know the equipment and have helped me decide what's best for me, not the shop's owner. And I would rather have someone talking squarely with me with a full mouth than someone who speaks out of both sides of it.

Overall, I prefer Bicycle Habitat.

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F. Cohen (not verified)
Sudden Irritating Diservice Syndrome

I took my bike to Sid's last summer before the y Hampton's triathlon.

When I test rode it, the rear derailleur was terribly out of wack.

I took it back, and tried to get it adjusted. The technician didn't realize, (and didn't ask), that the chain was covered with wax. He drenched it with grease and told me the problem was fixed.

To make a long story short, I got a lot of attitude and very little help.

Finally I brought the bike into Cycle Path Bikes in Wainscott, a truly great bike shop, and the rear derailleur got adjusted correctly. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I agree that the owner is friendly, and there is a nice woman who works there who also does triathlons, but I will not get work done there ever again. (Until I really need them)

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LLOPEZ (not verified)

Well, everyone, I am a new rider with a dedication to help with the fight against AIDS. I have made a commitment to the Aidslifecycle in SAN FRAN next June, that's right 6 months from now. Starting Sat. Jan. 1 I will be enduring many many hours of training. I just want to say thank you for all the great info you post on the message board. As it is I will be taking a ride out to Tenafly to pick up a trainer after reading such great things about the Bicycle Workshop. If anyone has any advice or is also a participant in this event please let me know.
FYI: I'm participant #5311

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