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I'm going to be in Washington, DC next week for a few days, and I want to take my bike. What kind of policy towards bikes can I expect from hotels? I don't want it chained up. I'd even settle for leaving it in my car, which will be parked in a hotel garage anyway.

I haven't booked anything yet; hotels seem to have plenty of openings, but I should take care of this soon. Thanks for your help.


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JP (not verified)
Never for me and mine.

In my experience, I have never had a hotel/motel say anything about my bicycle going through the lobby, up the elevator and into my room. I know of no one either. If I were approached, I would mention that I am a guest, that carriages, wheelchairs, luggage and luggage carts are allowed, that the cycle costs $$$$ and is clean, mean racing machine, etc.

I was once approached in the Brooklyn Marriott lobby as I entered with my ride, and as I started my spiel (I am a guest), I was told OK. It seems they do not allow bicycles into the gym and have had problems with that.

Otherwise, nothing ever. Of course, I have never walked through the Plaza or St. Regis with my rig :-) I imagine a tip might be the charm key ???

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Evan Marks (not verified)
hotel garages

Someone once broke into my rental car in a hotel garage and stole my radar detector and a pair of shoes (go figure). If it had been a bike, he probably would have stolen the whole car.

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Frank (not verified)
Call them

I've never had an issue here or in Europe but have found that the courtesy of a call to the front desk in advance never hurts relations with the staff either.

If there is an issue with guest lobby/passenger elevator traffic, a porter can usually assist you to a freight or service elevator. Unless they're lifting the bike or all your bags, they shouldn't expect gratuities for expected, paid services that they are there for. Out of your heart's kindness is another matter.

Good luck and happy riding--there is a fairly decent pathway network along the Potomac that runs about 40 miles or so.

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David Regen (not verified)
tell me more about that path

I knew I forgot something...how can I learn more about that path along the Potomic? I could use a few good rides.


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David (not verified)
places to ride in DC

You can check out:


The Captial Crescent Trail runs from Georgetown to Bethesda and is about 7 miles long. The Mount Vernon Trail runs the other way and heads out to, you guessed it, Mount Vernon. Both are pretty flat with the latter having a few climbs here and there.

There can be a lot of joggers on these paths so be aware. Usually a simple warning as you are coming up on them is enough to get them to yield. I find everyone is pretty courteous.

Check out the link to the bike clubs on the link above. There are training rides throughout the week and the weekends. And during the week there are pace lines through Hains Point along the Tidal Basin. Just hop on/off at will as the groups come through.

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JAY (not verified)

In my travels by bike in all 50 states & 40+ for countries(almost always sleeping in hotels),
Usually Holiday Inns have let me bring my bike in my room. I would reserve the room directly with the hotel & ask then--getting the name of the person. A few hotels kept my bike in the bellmen's luggage room & a few made me keep it in the garage. I would suggest you bring & use a lock(the stronger the better!) in any of these cases.

There are pros & cons of having a ground floor outside room in a motel--it would be easier to get the bike in & out (both for u and a thief!)

I've only had 1 bike stolen from a hotel--the perps used chain cutters to cut the chain which attached my bike to the outside of the hotel in Corsica.

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