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don (not verified)

"gotta love it...


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Heath (not verified)
Yellow bands

If you didn't realize it. the yellow bands are a marketing tool from Nike. They just don't have the NIke symbol, but they made them.

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me (not verified)

Um....yeah, whats your point?

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
Bands, bands & more bands

"Duane Reade is selling yellow bands that ""supports the troops"" and read ""until they come home."" Sign says proceeds go to some org I've never heard of (""M. O. M.,"" probably the manufacturer's mom.) Saw bands in various pastels reading ""support a cure."" For what, I'm not sure. My wife's job (a legit, bona-fide .org) just lauched a new slogan ""Live Generously"" & has put the words on blue bands. A merry & a happy!"

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Yogi (not verified)
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SP (not verified)
How about a 15k helmet ?
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John Kalish (not verified)

And if you're going to pay the guy $15,999, should he know that Lance has won the tour more than 4 times?

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don montalvo (not verified)

shhh...wait until after it's sold. ;)

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Helmet price -- ridiculous, this can't be for real

I sure hope NOBODY buys it. This madness just encourages everybody out there to charge through the roof for anything and everything. I'm already smarting from this disease as the folks (no, can't call them that, sounds too harmless) at Ironman now charge almost $500 to enter ONE RACE (which then proceeds to fill to capacity while you blink).

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
brain washing

Hmm, a helmet that also does brain washing - what a novel idea! After a long hard ride, to hasten recovery that should be made to order.

That's gotta be the Next Big Thing in cycling products. Anyone have an Interbike report to share for this exciting new product development?

I reckon as the technology and competition improves the $15K price tag should come down quite steadily.

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Peter Hochstein (not verified)
...and furthermore

"It's not even the helmet Lance wore, which might make it worth something to collectors of sports esoterica. It's a ""hand-painted REPLICA."" (Capitalization my own.)

Reminds me of a newspaper column by ""Joe Bob Briggs,"" comedian, film critic, and former redneck ""outdoor movie reviewer"" for the late lamented Dallas Times Herald.

Joe Bob felt the need to buy some piece of jewelry for his girlfriend at a hock shop before she drove him crazy mentioning ""fairly dangerous names like Zales.""

He found an owl pin with ""diamond eyes.""

""Are these genuine stimulated diamonds?"" Joe Bob asks the hockshop proprietor.

""Son,"" says the proprietor, ""they're about as stimulated as they get.""

And there's nothing more authentic than an authentic replica, even an authentic replica of Lance's helmet.

Whoever buys it will most certainly be over-stimulated.


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