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... a rather rudimentary mileage log for 2005. My wife had asked me the other day about how many miles I'd put on the bike this year, and I could not answer accurately. So... this coming year I CAN!!!

It's just an Excell workbook, 13 tabs- one for each month and one to keep a running total of the mileage.

If anyone would like a copy, I'd be glad to e-mail it to you. Just send an e-mail to me and I'll reply with the file as soon as I'm able.


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gordo (not verified)
Online ride mileage counter

"Not to one-up you, George, but you should try this too...

I put together a small website that helps riders keep track of their rides each year. I ask for no money and no personal information at all - not even an email address.

The site features:
- Individual ride entry (date, bike used, time, mph, distance, odometer reading and comments)
- Stats for each bike you own (total time, each year's time, average speed, each year's avg speed, total distance, each year's distance)
- View rides in calendar view or list view
- Calendar view lets you see mileage totals by week, month and year
- Calculates approximate calories burned for each ride entry (based on rider weight, ride time and avg ride speed)

I've been trying to upgrade it into a triathlon training site so I've included run tracking as well, but I haven't gotten to the swimming section yet.

Check it out at

If you'd like to just take it for a spin without registering, login with username: guest and password: guest. That will let you see what it's all about. If you like it, register. Again, I ask for no personal info, so there's no risk on your part. I created the site for myself, and thought it'd be fun to let others use it too.

Let me know if you like it.

- Mike"

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audra (not verified)

that's great!
I think I'll try it out.

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D.Smith (not verified)


Your website is awesome!!! What a valuable training tool. NYCC needs to add an addendum to the recent 2004 awards with a category for this great tool. It is an excellent tool on its own and the fact that you are willing to share it with everyone for free is even greater.


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David Regen (not verified)
this is awesome

Mike, this is fantastic. Are you a web designer or developer?

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gordo (not verified)


I'm a user interface designer by trade. The main idea is to make things more user-friendly. I specialize in web design, but it could theoretically be done for anything - cars, toothbrushes, wesbites, whatever... I've been trying to learn a little more programming and used the rideminder site as a learning tool.

My goal is a clean, fast, easy-to-use application. I think Rideminder looks pretty good so far.

Again, thanks for the props...

- Mike

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John Z (not verified)

I very much like the clean interface. I do have a question regarding the algorithm used to estimate calories burned. Even after I adjusted the rider weight to my one, the estimated calories burned is high compared to actual kJoules of energy measured on various rides, even after adding in BMR calories.

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gordo (not verified)
Calories Burned


The Calories burned is an extremely rough estimate. It's based on (Rider Weight)*(Ride Time)*(Scale Factor). The scale factor was the tricky part. Scale factor is determined by ride speed. I pulled each speed's factor off various websites that purport to calculate calories for bike rides. I took the average of about 3 or 4 sites.

If you're interested, the scale factors I used are:
7-9mph = .015
9-11mph = .031
11-13mph = .046
13-15mph = .062
15-17mph = .077
17-19mph = .092
19-21mph = .108
21-23mph = .123
23-25mph = .138
>25mph = .154

It's pretty rudimentary - just to give an idea of calories burned...

- Mike

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Wow Mike, that's amazing!!!

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gordo (not verified)

"Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like it.

If it gets a bunch of use, I'd like to start upgrading it to do more things. If you have any ideas on features you might like to see added, please let me know.

I was thinking of adding a ""groups"" feature which would allow users to select other people's ride info to look at and compare against - let users sort of compete with eachother through stats. Groups would form and you could join a group, leave messages for each other, etc. I think it may have potential...

- Mike"

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todd brilliant (not verified)

"it's really cool! i took the last 2 years off from the whole training log thing and was thinking of getting back into it for 2005. i think i'll give your training log a try.

i've been trying to run twice/week (ending up more like once/week), so the running component will be useful. also, have you thought about adding a gym session component. that could be divided up into weight training (sets, reps, etc.), core/abdominal workouts, spin classes, yoga classes, other aerobic stuff like lifecycle, treadmill, stairmaster, etc.

without a gym component, i thought to ""add a bike"", calling it maybe ""gym bike"" and putting in data for lifecycle or spin class workouts. another ""bike"" could be ""weight training"" and i would just use the comment section to detail the weights workout. that way the weight session would come up on the calendar.

thanks for this resource.


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Carol (not verified)

Thanks for the great tool, Mike. You might consider adding altitude gained for each ride. That and Todd's suggestion for a gym component would really complete the picture.

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Yogi (not verified)
Gracias El Gordo!

"I never paid much attention to numbers, but this is easy to use and I like the multi-bike options.

Here are some ideas for additional features –

Temp. of day,

For added motivation- a converter to show ""Pints of Chocolate Haagen Daz"" per Ride.


Intensity level of next day ""Ride-hangover""

–Unable to stand from fetal position"

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Joe Soda (not verified)
How about a bike service component?

Date and mileage new tires put on; lubed, new bartape, new wheels, other parts, etc. Otherwise nice job.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Hard copy version in Jan Bulletin

For the benefit of those who have limited internet access, a straight forward hard copy mileage log is going into the January edition of the bulletin. It only has the first five month because of a lack of space and formatting difficulties. The full year will go in the February edition.

All the best

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Cat (not verified)
Mike's site

"I can access the site from my Mac in Safari, but whenever i try to enter a ride, i get a ""Service Unavailable"" or ""syntax error"" message.

Maybe there's a browser incompatibility, or just heavy usage!! Could anyone let me know if they've had success with it today in Safari, and then please let me have a turn!


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jesse (not verified)
Mike's Site

"I've had the same ""site unavialable"" experience with Safari. However, when next I return to the site, my rides are listed. So it's no big deal.


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gordo (not verified)

Ummm... I must say, it's not optimized yet for any browsers other than Internet Explorer for Windows. It seems to be working ok in other browsers, but I think that's just luck at this point. I know it works on the Mac in Mozilla. I haven't tried Firefox yet, but it may work...

I gotta start working on this site again... I've gotten a pretty big influx of users over the last week. Thanks NYCC!

- Mike

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M (not verified)
Mileage Log

It has worked fine for me. I use the FireFox browser. Thank you.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"damned macs! ;) try updating to 10.3.7. safari 125.11 and earlier had dns issues. you can also try firefox 1.0. don't forget to disable ipv6 in your tcp/ip's on by default:

apple menu > system preferences... > network > tcp/ip > configure ipv6... > off

if you still have problems, close all your browser windows and clear your cache (it's in the safari menu)...or if you're a unix geek and want to do things the easy way, you can use a logout script:

rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/Downloads.plist
rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/History.plist
rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/Icons/*
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/Safari/*
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/Explorer/Download Cache
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/Explorer/History.html
rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/Explorer/Temporary Files/*


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Ivy (not verified)

"Well has been down for 5 days now so I am ready to throw in the towel and go back to the paper and pencil method. Of course, I have no memory of my rides to date. Anyway, is the 2005 mileage log online? The 2004 version is still on the ""resources"" page."

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Heath (not verified)

What do you mean by down? I am not using it to log my rides, but I did not have any problem getting onto the website or into my saved ride area.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Both Ivy and I are getting a VB script error when we try to log in. I've tried it from different client machines, too.

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Carol (not verified)
Excel Version

"I've got an Excel spreadsheet version that's not as elegant as Mike's Rideminder, but I created it when I started having trouble entering rides on Rideminder. I've set it up to track true ""road"" miles separately from ""trainer"" miles but there's no calory counter. If anyone wants it, email me at the above address and I'll send it to you."

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gordo (not verified)
Rideminder problems

Hi All,

Sorry for the problems with the site. I think something's up with the database. I'm away on business this week, but I'll definitely get a chance to look at it this weekend. It seems the site is working for some and not others.

It works fine for me with my normal username, but my admin username is all fubar.

Go with paper and pencil until I get back to you.

My sincerest apologies. I'll get it back up and running as soon as I can...

- Mike

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