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Hi, I'm looking for a 60-61 cm derailleur road bike for commuting and errands riding. Not fancy. I see so many tall Fuji's and such parked around town that I wonder if there are bike stores in town that specialize in selling and refurbishing such bikes.

If anyone has some leads, please let me know, either here or by e-mail.

Many thanks,


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seth (not verified)

"there's a used bike ""shop"" on houston street a few blocks east of lafeyette on the south side of the street. It's less of a shop and more of a lot, filled with used bikes. There's also recycle-a-bicycle somewhere close by there. Don't confuse RAC with another used bike shop around there who's owner had once disparaged RAC to me, claiming their mechanic service was less than professional."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Single speed

I know you're asking for a geared bike, but have you considered a single speed? You can get a much nicer, lighter bike, new or used. And unless you live in Riverdale, you probably don't need all those gears. They're easy to keep clean in winter and possibly less interesting to thieves.

Less is more, baby.

I got my Specialized at Bicycle Habitat, which also has other models. Ron got his scrumptious Bianchi Pista at Larry & Jeff's. Sid's has Bianchis. More unique track bikes can also be found.

The Specialized Langster is a good city bike because it comes with front and rear brakes for freewheeling and a flip-flop hub that lets you go fixed. Those brakes deprive it of the tough-guy cachet of the true track bike, but I happen to love life more than beauty.

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Joe Kubera (not verified)

"Thanks, Carol, but I do need those multiple speeds. I live on the N. Shore of Staten Island, where the hills can be as steep as San Francisco's. And I'd use the bike just as much out here as in Manhattan/Brooklyn. Also (having just blown a bundle on a custom ""good"" bike) I am looking for used, not new."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
used bikes


Recycle-a-Bicycle Manhattan
75 Avenue C (between 5th & 6th Streets)

Recycle-a-Bicycle Brooklyn
55 Washington Street (between Front & Water Streets)

Bike Works NYC
106 Ridge St., NYC 10002

140 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn,NY 11211

Emey's Bike Shop
141 E 17th St


www.gvhbikes.com (screaming deals, not actually used bikes.)

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)


1) What about your old Raleigh? I know it's a bit small, but you've got history!
2) I think a Wanted: post on the Bob is your best bet.
3) I'll keep an eye out as well.

- Christian

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Nathan (not verified)

Bike Works has a ton of old used bikes. Another great way is to check the garbage. Got a $700 de bernardi steel lugged frame that a guy on my block threw out!

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Joe Kubera (not verified)

Wow, Seth and Evan, thanks for all the great leads!!

Ah, Christian, you've got a good memory. Yes, I still have the old Raleigh Super Course, which I've ridden for almost 20 years. It has a 23 inch frame. I didn't realize it was small for me until the Rivendell arrived, and it is about 62 cm, and feels great! NOW the Raleigh feels much too small, how about that? So much so that I have too much pressure on my hands, and it feels like a toy bike now. I may even put it up for sale, despite all the history (and my history with it). :(

I'd post to the BOB list, but the advantage of finding a bike locally is that I could see and possibly ride before buying, so I'm trying here first.

All best,

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todd brilliant (not verified)

i think craig's list is the best place to find a cheap used bike. beth got her commuter, an old, but functional motobecane, for $75.

i bought my latest commuter, an even older schwinn for $80. i love the bike and it ranks really high in the cool factor.

my experience is that you will probably pay much more than what is necessary, if you buy it from anybody but the original seller. i.e. a bike shop.

btw, my last commuter was a functional fuji track bike that i also bought off of craig's list. unfortunately, the drive train (crank arms, chain ring, etc.) was ripped out of it while locked up outside at work. now it's sitting in my hallway. i'd sell you what's left of it for practically nothing, but i know you're not interested in a track frame.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Finding a used bike

In my neighborhood both bike shops have used bikes for sale: Bike Works on Rivington and Ridge and Frank's on Grand between Madison and Henry.

Are you looking for a bike that you can chain to a post on the street all day without any worry? I prefer that kind, because it gives you so much freedom and peace of mind. If so, you can find bike-boom era stuff very cheap at flea-markets and such, with little attraction to thieves.

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Joe Kubera (not verified)

Mordecai, I guess it will be a bike I can lock up on the street. I love my bikes, and worry about them when I'm indoors and the bike is out. But if I don't pay a bundle for the bike, I'll be less worried, and the bike will get used more often, and for more kinds of trips.

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