No More Bruised Bananas on your rides

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I can't vouch for their effectiveness but yet again my homeland gives us the products we need to have unbruised bananas in the middle of a 80 mile ride....


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George Arcarola (not verified)

Very nice, an interesting and colorful way to keep a banana unbruised in your jersey pocket. So, not only did you guys send us the Beatles....

What's next??


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Cat (not verified)
Proud to be British once again!

That invention is right up there with the little rack that lets your toast get cold and hard before you try to butter and eat it. I never thought they would top that for sheer usefulness!

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)
banana guard

At 4.75 Pounds Sterling, assuming there is no impost for shipment to USA, that comes out to $8.55 +/-; not bad to protect a 25 cent banana.
This item is in the same class with the shoelace rack, tootpaste tube compressor, pen wiper, carbon paper, candle snuffer, removeable collar stays, celluloid collars, sleeve garters, and other items of that ilk, insofar as current practicallity and economic usefullness is concerned.

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Joe Soda (not verified)
Not so fast, Mr. Kaplan.

I use carbon paper when writing receipts for my business. The candle snuffer--we have two--is the only civilized way to put out candles. My shirts have removable collar stays so that the collar can be pressed and the stay won't be crushed or leave an impression on the collar. These three examples, at least, are practical and probably useful economically, as people continue to manufacture them.

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