No B16/17 rides this weekend?

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  • No B16/17 rides this weekend?
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Would love to ride both Sat. and Sun., but I do not see any B16/17 rides listed in the email bulletin.

Anyone, Buehler... ???

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Neile Weissman (not verified)
Sunday B15/50 (w/lots of hills and a pannier full of groceries)

Ride to Trader Joe's - Larchmont
From: 23rd Street & First Avenue
Date: Sunday, 12/5, 09:00 AM
Title: Ride to Trader Joe's - Larchmont
Description: A very hilly route into Scarsdale then over to
the Trader Joe's in Larchmont.

B-15 on the flats (what there are of them.) A little slower coming back ... fat and happy with all the groceries. Bring a Metro-North pass, a shopping list plus pannier/backpack/musette. Serious rain cancels.

End Place/Time: 3-4:00 PM at 23rd Street and Park Avenue
Terrain: madre de dios ...

RSVP ... and check link on the morning of the ride for status:

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Marci (not verified)
possible pick-up ride saturday

will likely, but not definitely, pull together another pick-up ride saturday similar pace and distance to last week's (B17ish, 50-60 miles, less if it's really cold). stay tuned to message board...

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Ross Pearlstone (not verified)
Count me in

If you guys are riding again, I'll be there

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Scott (not verified)

Is this on? if so, meeting where?

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Marci (not verified)
no go saturday

I need to go out of town for the day

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