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My adventures into the city have been limited so far to going from the GWB down to the Battery via the Greenway; can anyone recommend a good route to central park from the bridge with relatively smooth pavement that won't destroy my bike?

My limited experience with city streets (i.e. the Greenway bypass on Riverside by the sewage plant) or the bus terminal @ Fort Washington is that they are disaster areas.

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B. Dale (not verified)
Central Park to GWB

Most people do the majority of the riding to the GWB on Riverside Drive. Alternatively, some people ride on St. Nicholas (has a bike lane). Just look through the ride library for rides that go over the GWB for exact directions.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

From Cabrini Blvd/GWB Greenway:

Right on W.177th
Immed Left on Haven Ave
Right on Fort Washington Ave
Right on 165th (downhill)
Left on Riverside
Left on 90th St.
Enter Park at 90th/Park Drive West

Your bike will be fine.

- Christian

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
From GWB to Central Park -- St. Nicholas

I prefer St. Nick as it's far less windy and less hilly. Instead of turning right down the hill by the hospital to take Riverside Drive, go straight, through the traffic lights, and diagonal right down St. Nick. You can take another diagonal right at Convent Avenue for a more scenic route through CCNY, or keep straight. Left at 110th Street, into the park.

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JP (not verified)
Correction Christian ??

LEFT on 90th I think is correct.

Regards, John

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Oh, Central Park!?! I've corrected the above post. Thanks!

- Christian

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Yogi (not verified)
Pavement Accomplished

>My limited experience with city streets (i.e. the Greenway bypass on Riverside by the sewage plant)

I don't know when was the last time you were on Riverside drive. But they finished resurfacing 75% of the worst parts a month ago. Now it's one of the smoothest streets in nyc. Plus it has the added advantage of zero crosstown traffic and Riverviews. It's quite a treat in the late afternoon during the winter.

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hannah (not verified)

My route of choice is:
Haven Ave. to end
X Fort Washington on 168th
R Amsterdam/QL 167th
R Edgecombe
R 137th
L St Nicks
(follow bike lane to Central Park)

I love Edgecombe because it has almost no lights and no traffic, and it's got a great view across Harlem and the Bronx. *And* it's all downhill. Plus, I am in the small minority of NYCC members who live on the East Side, and this route is better at getting me there than Riverside Drive.


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Tim Andon (not verified)
Ruined Bike?

"M.Sweeney, welcome to the ""big Apple"". NYCC has been riding here for years, as for ""good roads"", well, now thats a problem. As for your bike getting ""ruined"", I don't believe that will happen. So, just say to yourself, enjoy the ride, and be glad your on a bike...........tim"

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