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I am looking for advice on how to store a bike in a small NYC apartment. I have a 1BR with good closet space. I could probably fit a bike in one of the closets but that obviously would impact what else could be in the closet. Short of the old dorm room trick of hanging a bike from two hooks on the ceiling, I don't have any idea how to store my bike. Any recomendations (esp info on specific types of racks that have worked well for people) will be greatly appreciated.


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Tim Casey (not verified)
Pole Cat

I like the Pole Cat. It takes up the least floor space. You hang your bike from the front or back tire vertically. It doesn't work if you have a drop ceiling but it's better than mounting a hook on the wall or ceiling.
Metro Bicycles carries them. My shop at 47th & 9th does for sure. Their other locations probably also carry them.


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Tom (not verified)

Ask your building if they have a bike storage room -- many do. It may not be the most convenient option from the perspective of getting out the door quickly on your bike but will certainly help with spae constraints inside your apartment. This probably goes without saying but invest in a good lock before you use such a room.

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bike man (not verified)
bike rack

I have one of these. It is real wood and has been fine for a few years. A few people have even said they like how it looks.

Floor to Ceiling Oak Rack $120

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

We have the same one. It's good.

- Christian

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Joao (not verified)
My place.....


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rsun (not verified)
bike storage rack

try this

i have it in my place. it works great. its very inexpensive and unobtrusive. see if your landlord will install it for you.

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