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"Hi Everybody,

A few months back, I saw a guy riding along Palisades Pkwy in a Deloitte cycling jersey. It was only a glance, but maybe 6'2"" and thin. I can't seem to find it now, but I think there was a picture of him on the website, too.

Anyone know who it is? You see, I work for Deloitte, and I want the team kit, too!

- Christian"

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Rob M (not verified)

I used to work for Deloitte in the Melbourne office (that’s Australia), and I am just too cheap to buy any new kit. It was really a one off, some of the ITG partners were big on cycling so the firm paid for jerseys, shorts &c. That was back in 2002 (or '01).

I know that Deloitte, and a lot of other firms have a budget for that sort of thing. All you need to do is to convince a partner that it is worth the money and effort. A tip, tell them PWC and Peats are sponsoring their staff.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Thanks, Rob. I'll have a chat with the powers that be in NYC and see if I can get a few sets done up with the new logo and all that.

- Christian

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Ivy (not verified)

You should offer to lead/organize a Deloitte team for a charity ride, and then approach TPTB.

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