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Help with warm winter jacket

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Any suggestions for a warm winter cycling jacket that would hold up in 30 degree or colder weather. (I layer, but am still freezing). Thanks.

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Nathan (not verified)

Biemme jackets seem to be for really cold rides. In 45 it really has me overheated.

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Heath (not verified)
Current layering technique?

What is your current layering technique? What do you use to cover your face, head and hands?

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)
warm jacket

A down vest may be sufficient.

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Carol Wood (not verified)

I bought this Columbia Titanium from Campmor for commuting:


With a jersey underneath, gloves, and headband, it's quite comfy. And at $40, a bargain. Note only M, L, and XL left.

Unless you're going to be stopping for long periods while riding, you don't want anything bulky. Though the down vest sounds like a good idea--LL Bean has some that are machine washable, I believe.

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Anthony Mollo (not verified)
Assos Prosline Gator Jacket

If you are willing to shell out some buckaroos, you cannot beat the Assos Prosline Gator Jacket. You can save yourself alot of money by buying it on eBay. There is a guy that I buy my Assos cycling clothes from. His eBay ID is tta_mem

Here is an ebay auction he is currently running:

Good Luck!


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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Cold Weather

"""You can save yourself alot of money by buying it on eBay.""

$279 for a jacket? On eBay? Give me a break. Just ride harder, you'll generate more heat. It's pretty easy to stay warm in temps down to 30F. Below that see:



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Fixer (not verified)

Pretty silly, ain't it?

I'm blown away when I open a catalog these days. $200 shorts, $400 jackets, not to mention $3000 disposable framesets that take less than an hour to build.

Pretty soon they'll be opening a cycling department at Barneys...

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Buy Cycling $$$

"""Pretty silly, ain't it? I'm blown away when I open a catalog these days. $200 shorts, $400 jackets...""

Sure is. I was thumbing through the Colorado Cyclist catalog last night, and that's exactly what the prices are. Then you see the $50+ tires, etc. And how come the Shimano 10-speed shifters are TWICE the price of the 9-speed stuff? Whatever the market will bear I guess, and people seem willing to pay it.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

One good, cheap thing:

I got 25-622 Michelin Dynamic tires from Licktons for $10.95 each, and they're really good - chubby, round profile, no tread on the center, all carbon-black compound, and good cornering.

The only negative was that they seemed to take a few more miles than usual to shed the mold-release compound, so for the next set, I'm going to go over them with a 000 grit sandpaper before taking them out on the road.

- Christian

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Cheap Tires

"Those look like a good deal. I've been using the IRC Road Winners which measure 25mm on the rim. Last batch was on sale for $9.99 at Nashbar. I've got one on my rear wheel with over 3000 miles on it, and probably another 1000 miles left.


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Rich (not verified)
Assos Prosline Gator Jacket - lowest price

TotalCycling.com has it for about $175 plus about $17 for shipping. Its still expensive but about $100 less than the Ebay price.


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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Assos Shmassos

Man! That Assos stuff is soooo overpriced and mostly what you're paying for is the weak dollar. I would recommend the Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket, it's as warm a jacket as you'll need unless you ride in the Yukon territory. Colorado Cyclist has it for $149.00 and you can probably find it cheaper somewhere else. Another suggestion is the Pearl Izumi Kodiak jersey and a windstopper underlayer from Craft or Under Armor. That might end up even cheaper and would give you more flexibility in varying temperatures.

Also remember not to overdress, that will make you feel colder than underdressing.

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Last year I finally (at my kids suggestion) picked up some Under Armor. This stuff is GREAT. I was able to ride comfortably with the UA, a long sleeve jersey and a jacket, tights, gloves and head/face cover to about 20F. This year I'm adding booties (shoe covers).

As for the outrageous prices, look in the clearance sections of every place you walk into. Anything left over from last year is also usually marked down.

Good luck.


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Heath (not verified)

I second the Under Armour suggestion.

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