Sat 8am A pace: anyone want to ride?

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Planning to head over the GWB at 8am (or earlier) for a ride around Rockland county, 60+ miles A-paced. Be great to join up with people with more experience in the area. (Im new to riding in Rockland county, and the Little Tor ride gets back too late for me.)

Could go at the slower end of that, or faster depending on what people want to do. Just stopping for snacks. If you want to join up, please post.

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Tom Hayes (not verified)
8am ride (nm)

I showed up at 7:45 and waited until 8:15 for you to show up. I rode to Piermont where I met another rider who said he waited on the NJ side of the bridge for you.
How come you advertize a ride and then don't show up?

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matthew diczok (not verified)
surprised and bemused

"Good sir! I did show, and am compelled to respond.

I wrote: ""If you want to join up, please post."" You did not post. Therefore, I did not know that you wanted to join me, neither where nor when. How could I?

You take the time to post after the fact; had you done so beforehand, as requested, the situation would thus have been avoided. (Hence why I asked for interested parties to post.) Regardless, I am sincerely sorry that you wasted thirty minutes of your day. My clear intention, on the contrary, was to share a good riding day together.

Nevertheless, you now sully my good name and debase my reputation in the most public of manners in front of our cycle club brethren.

This I cannot accept; absent a full retraction of your unjust and ignoble accusation, I will be sated only by a duel. A sprinting duel.

Retract, or choose your weapon.

Kind regards,

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Tom Hayes (not verified)
showing up

I appreciate your response to my charge that you advertized a ride and didn't show up for it. You say you did show up. I must call that assertion into question. You most certainly did not show up at 8am on the NY side of the GWB where you said you would in your message.
My understanding is that one need not post unless one has some question or concern about the time, pace, etc.
If this is wrong then I apologize.
I'm willing to meet you at the boathouse in Central Park any Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 10am for a brisk ride around the loop.

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rjb (not verified)
reading comprehension

"This really doesn't concern me, but since you did trash Matthew publicly, I must point out the following:
You said,
""My undestanding is that one need not post unless one has some question or concern about the time, pace, etc.""
Matthew clearly stated in his original post:
""If you want to join up, please post."""

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Tom (not verified)

Okay. Please accept my humble apologies. I am sorry I disparaged your name Matthew. I should have posted.

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Alexander (not verified)

Please kind sirs, do post the date and time of your proposed duel, sprint, brisk ride, or whatever contest is decided. It would be to my great amusement to witness this.

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