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I'm getting fitted for contact lenses a third time, have had no luck with the popular lenses like Acuvue 2 due to blurring (which I guess happens from sensitivity to the contacts and/or my eyes drying out - I've tried all sorts of eyedrops with no luck). Does anyone here have fussy eyes and had luck with another brand/type of contacts?

On a related note, if I strike out on the contacts, does anyone have links to vendors that make wrap-around prescription sunglasses?

Thanks a ton

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Peter (not verified)

I used have big problems with my contacts drying out. I have found that Bausch & Lomb SofLens one day disposables work really well. You can even wear them for two days, most times.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Rx wraparounds (located in Utah, fyi) (this company gets rave reviews so look at the glasses before you look at where they're located - not much further away than Utah, really)

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Keith (not verified)
Hydro Curve

I have been wearing these for years. I now wear Rudy Project Ekynox when I ride. Great eye coverage. No dry eyes.

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a former former-editor (not verified)
yeah, and...

you when you wear them! ;-)

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slop (not verified)

dingus! I know where you live!

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linda (not verified)
I wear FOCUS Dailies

My eyes are super sensitive. Focus Dailies are the absolute best - hands down - for contacts. You never have to clean them and there is no protein build-up because you throw them away when you remove them. This totally eliminated any blurriness I used to experience with other lenses. I wear a fairly strong prescription and they are still super thin. I use Unisol unpreserved saline to rinse them before inserting.

A side note - If you have an astigmatism your doctor may not want to give these to you. I have an astigmatism and can see perfectly in these even though they do not correct it. In fact, I've never worn an astigmatic lens.

I also have a prescription for Patanol allergy eye drops, which might be something else for you to look into.

Good luck!

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