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New fashion/lifestyle show is looking for generations of women who are cyclers. Has the love for riding been passed down from generation to generation? Has cycling been such a huge part of your life that you have neglected your everyday look? Has it been a while since you have focused on your hair, clothes, + make up? We are looking for groups of women for our Ultimate Makeover Segment. please email your story, picture, and contact information to [email protected]

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hamburger earmuffs (not verified)

cycler racists?

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Carol Wood (not verified)

(ha ha ha ha!)

Hi Talia,

Any program about women and cycling should show how the bike is the best part of a woman's day.

So for many of us, it's the lifestyle that determines the fashion, not the other way around. This is why women cyclists look so original -- so Pradaesque. Even Armani designed a gown with arm warmers in emerald sequins.

Hair: Doesn't interfere with helmet, mimimum effort to wash and dry.

Clothes: Long-sleeved jerseys and tights for winter, short sleeved jerseys and shorts for summer. Loud mismatched colors preferred.

Make-up: What's that?

Why not interview the women at Terry Bicycles ( about their good-looking but functional clothing. This company recognizes that women, like men, are much happier doing stuff than shopping or looking in the mirror.

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Ivy (not verified)

Oh yes! With all of my riding I have totally neglected my makeup. Why just the other day, I was wondering which shade of lipstick would make me a better hill climber? Which brand of mascara could make me a faster rider? Will your show address these important issues? Please advise.

Oh, and get lost. Seriously.

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Peter Storey (not verified)
I can help with Mascara . . .

Carbon fiber. Nothing but. It provides a blink that is stiff but compliant, doesn't rust and offers significant weight savings over more traditional products.

For cold, dry winter rides, I recommend Pearl Is-Zoomy lip gloss. The non-waxy surface has a low drag coefficient, provides good protection against chapping, and doesn't make your Clif Bar taste funny. In a pinch you can also use it on your chain.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
"Not all female ""cyclers"" disdain make-up"

From an old interview with Leontien van Moorsel (translated from Dutch to English):

Q: Do you use make-up for the course?
L. v. M.: I always use mascara and lipstick in the same color as my shirt. I was the only one who used lipstick and mascara in the locker room before the race. The others were laughing about that in the beginning. Nowadays half of the peloton is using lipstick and mascara. They are worth it to whistle to.

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