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Carol Wood (not verified)
My three sources


I find Accuweather to be reliable. I always check too, especially the radar picture. But if you want a really accurate source, ask Ron Roth if he's riding that day. If he says no, it will rain.

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don montalvo (not verified)
join the crca and ask joe witte
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Ed White (not verified)

"For predicting the temperature, I think both sites are pretty accurate. It's in predicting whether it's going to rain or not that's more unreliable. On this subject, I've found to be consistently more pessimistic than, i.e. tends to forecast rain a lot when it doesn't rain. While AccuWeather does seem to be more ""accurate"" than, perhaps a better description would be ""less inaccurate"". I've found none of the sites to be consistently accurate. (A third site to suggest is the National Weather Service . I find it better than, and a good second source to AccuWeather).

I agree with the previous posting that looking at the radar, and particularly the time-lapsed radar (or satellite) before your ride to see where and which direction the rain is heading, is by far the most reliable method of predicting whether it will rain on your ride."

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shyman (not verified)

you got to be kidding right?

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